Josje Huisman is The world’s Smartest Man

Josje Huisman is The world's Smartest Man

The good news for the fans of “The Smartest Man In the World”. On Thursday night the 19th of december, the winner of the Flemish edition, and then another ten months to wait for the new season to start. All you have to do is on Monday the 23rd of december is the start. The TELEVISION SERIES was Monday morning already the names of the people who participate in the Dutch version, and it is in the name, Josje Huisman on it.

Josje took over three years ago, it is already part of the Flemish version, but was almost immediately sent home. Or, Josje, the better you will do it, we’re starting on Monday the 23rd of december of this year to know. That night, the start of season 15 of “The world’s Smartest Man” on the NPO2. When Josje, exactly, the show will be is not clear.