G Goran is going viral with a new single

c32f2e6901a8c72cce1a08dcdf6378ab - G Goran is going viral with a new single

For more than a week ago, Goran Staessen (23 in total), you will be better known as the G Goran, are making a comeback. He did so, with the christmas single “Jingle Bells” (Sturn, Me Préparé)”, a parody of the classic Jingle Bells, which the Goran among other things, the church, and in politics under the magnifying glass taken.

In one weekend, time to clear the video is on Facebook 106.000 views and 2500 likes, the 1600 shares and 1,500 comments, and to gather, even on Youtube, the video already has more than 50,000 views. The kind of results that we’re sure to have the stamp of “viral” on the front!

On the 21st of december, you may Goran on the job, as one of the headliners of a Camping Christmas and will soon have a number of exciting shows to be announced! “Tsjek et, ut, hastn, peace ollemolle and fuk ol those which hate them.”