Sparta-Heracles arrange for a little show in the first half of

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Sparta-Heracles arrange for a little show in the first half of

08 december, 2019 11:44 pm
08-12-19 11:44 pm
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In the League there on Sunday, four matches are on the program: the Vitesse-Feyenoord (0-0), FC Groningen, FC Utrecht (0-1), RKC Waalwijk-sc Heerenveen (1-3) Sparta Rotterdam-Heracles Almelo (kick-off 16.45). In this liveblog, you do not have to miss anything.

Good afternoon and welcome to our Premier-league-liveblog! My name is Robbert van der Linde, and I will keep you informed of the latest developments in the club it is today.

  • LIVE:
  • Sparta-Heracles 0-0
  • Results:
  • FC Groningen-FC Utrecht 0-1
  • RKC-Heerenveen 1-3
  • Vitesse-Feyenoord 0-0

Sparta-Heracles Almelo · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! The only good thing about this game is that it is now at the half. Sparta and Heracles in baking, there is very little of that, and with the brilstand on the plate with the dressing on it. The many of the lack of care lead to some of the kansjes, but the entertainment value is dramatically low in The Castle.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the 9-minute geleden42′ Pröpper gets the ball after a corner, suddenly to his feet, and pulls hard with a nice dropkick. The ball goes right to the Harush, but because of the dedication, as hard as it is, the Israeli keeper in the effort to get the ball to reverse.Sparta-Heracles Almelo, the netherlands · 14 minutes ago

39 ” The supporters of Sparta and Heracles, are not particular just what the doctor ordered, and for the neutral observer, it is not at all in order to itself. Conflict is all around, but the good of football, it is definitely not the case.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the 22-minute geleden29 Finally get a little excitement in Rotterdam. Ee are a beautiful free-kick from Osman seems to be able to fly, but Harush is ticking and the ball is just under the bar is coming from.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the 28-minute geleden22′ Rayhi to test the reflexes of the Blaswich. The German goal keeper is at his post. There will be a little more kansjes for both sides, those who break this race open?Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the 30-minute geleden20′ Dessers trying to make his leading position in the topscorerslijst to strengthen, but it is up to two times, Harush is on its way. Then the striker will also have flagged for offside, so it’s possible did not materialise.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the 36-minute geleden15′ United believes it is entitled to a free kick and when the ball is on the arm of Faye’s mouth is. Value at risk looks at it for a moment, but can see nothing to which a penalty will be given it.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · 43 minutes ago

10 teams have been to The Castle determined to make a run for him. Sparta and Heracles were both negligent, and yet not have a decent attack on the mat you are able to make.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the one-hour geledenAls, Sparta and Heracles in Rotterdam not score a goal and be the least productive, Highest sun of the year. Also, on the 17th of march, there are only five times and scored.Sparta-Heracles Almelo-four hours ago, toKick-off! As the ball rolls down to The Castle for the last match of the sixteenth round of the Premier league.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

FC Utrecht to score and to win again
After three defeats in a row, which is not scored, does FC Utrecht is back to three points, got caught in the champion’s League. On a visit to FC Groningen, the team of John van den Brom in the first half, the balance will not convert it into goals, and then in the race, and after resting in the balance, and a goalless draw seems to be heading. A late hit by Bart Ramselaar occurs, however, after 358 minutes of the end of the Utrechtse doelpuntendroogte.RKC-Heerenveen-four hours ago

His side is losing despite the wondergoal Meh
Wigan thanks to a 1-3 victory on his side will jump on it in the end. The Teaser will come out on his side midway through the first half to lead by Rodney Kongolo. A great ball from Stu, Meh, that is a quarter of an hour for a period of time, a drop ball via the underside of the crossbar into the goal, in hot pursuit, it is the beginning of a run of the Waalwijkers in the day. Wigan will benefit through the Normal Odgard, and Anders Dreyer echer of the given space, and to win this all the way.Premier league-four hours ago, itwill be over! The tone rings in Waalwijk, the netherlands, and Groningen, where the uitploegen with the gain off. Wigan to win by 1-3 of his side, FC Groningen with 0-1 down against FC Utrecht, the netherlands.RKC-Heerenveen-four hours ago,90+2′ GOAL sc Heerenveen, the netherlands! 1-3

His side will play an all-or-nothing, and gives a lot of room in the back way, and we are able to Heerenveen on. Anders Dreyer has all the freedom to pass on Mitcehl of the Mountains, in the far corner, curling up and throwing the match in the final.RKC-Heerenveen-four hours ago

An over-the-Stijn Spierings is celebrating its wondertreffer. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t seem to be enough to prevent his side from Wigan to lose.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · a one-hour geledenAls the Bart Ramselaar is to play for FC Utrecht and is now home in new york.

3 – Bart Ramselaar scored more Premier league goals-at-the-Hitachi-Capital Mobility-Stadium (3 in 3 games) than he did at The Galgenwaard stadium (2, 26). Comfort.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen16:10 – december 8, 2019RKC-sc Heerenveen-four hours geleden86, ” The game is still not for Wigan against the loose for his side. Maatsen has an open chance, but are the first to bet, check, and shoot the rebound over.RKC-Heerenveen-four hours ago,83′ GOAL sc Heerenveen, the netherlands! 1-2

His side have the hang of it and are on the hunt for the second goal, but that is on the other side of the field. Jens Odgaard will be on the very edge of the offside, away, omspeelt Etienne Vaessen, and get the ball in from a difficult angle.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago81′ GOAL for FC Utrecht! From 0 to 1

At the time, that is, a goalless draw seems inevitable, and scores for FC Utrecht. Gyrano the Church had escaped on the right wing and used his speed, and best. His first move is to be calm within the crazy by the incoming Bart Ramselaar.RKC-Heerenveen · a 2-hour geleden79 Again if his side-a player with the ball, hard, on the underside of the crossbar. Maatsen has, however, not lucky Meh and attempt to close the line back in the slots.RKC-Heerenveen · 2 hours ago76′ GOAL manchester city! 1-to-1

What an amazing goal from Stijn Spierings! The midfielder takes a cut off the cross, suddenly, at the moment, and slams the ball through the underside of the bar sweeping in. What a way to get your first goal for the club to do.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden75′ touched by A shot from Zeefuik seems to be about Paes into the target to attack it. With a final effort in getting the City goal keeper, there are your fingertips still against them, and then he hit the ball out of his goal.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · 2 hours ago

Also in the Race for a year in the offense today. Halil Dervisoglu is celebrating its twentieth anniversary, and it is given as a ‘gift’, thank you for your Art as a basic. Continue to turn, Dirk Abel, and Agile Ausassar back to the basics.

Arrangement Of The Race: Harush; Abel’s, Friend’s, Mattheij, Faye; Harroui, Smith, Ausassar; Rayhi, Ache, Dervisoglu.RKC-Heerenveen · a 2-hour geleden67 ” A distant free-kick from the Incident and ends up in the hands of the late evening. Also in Waalwijk, the netherlands, the goals scored so far rare. In fact, the goal of Kongolo, it is still the one and only goal in this Premier league-Sunday up to now.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden64 Also Utrecht, and remains on the hunt for a goal. A shot distance from Joyce flies about half a meter apart.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden61 After a good doorjagen of Matusiwa will Asoro is an ideal opportunity to for the opening goal. He is fooled, however, are half in the ground, and ejects the ball so that in addition to. Groningen’s reserves, after a rest, more concerned with the attacks.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden58 Opportunities for both sides. Klaiber gets the ball and all of the freedom is not just under control, and could not, therefore, be free from this. In the tegenstoot claims to be in Groningen for a penalty when Sierhuis, to the ground, but the referee is in Bloom swaying in the road.Sparta-Heracles Almelo · the 2-hour geledenHeracles in Almelo, the netherlands performs at 16.45 pm, in the final match of the round of sixteen of these names. Top scorer Cyriel Dessers is, of course, in the rush hour, and you can now be a beautiful gift to give. The striker, who is available for Nigeria, is today 25 years old from.

Preparation Heracles Of Almelo, The Netherlands: Blaswich; Even If, Pröpper, Knoester, Czyborra; Osman, Angela Merkel, Kiomourtzoglou; Mauro, Jr., Dessers, Dos Santos.

Lennart Czyborra has been added.
At the head of the old Cyriel Dessers.


AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen15:37 – 8 december 2019RKC-sc Heerenveen · a 2-hour geleden52′ Ejuke dartelt from the left, but his shot lacks power and direction and Vaessen be a cause for concern.Premier league · 2-hour geleden46 in a total of 44 players are back in the fields and Forests, and Groningen, have been reported. In the second half of FC Groningen, FC Utrecht and RKC Waalwijk-sc Heerenveen is on the way.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! FC Groningen, FC Utrecht, go with a 0-0 in the tea, and after a low quality first half. The first to choose his moments very carefully, and it is, therefore, hardly be in the vicinity of the Paes. The visitors will have the Padt for a couple of times in there, but don’t manage to give the power to convert them into goals.RKC-Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! The teams have to locate the changing rooms in Waalwijk, the netherlands. After a very soccer friendly with Wigan, even though the Marbles are stronger and they deserved to be ahead by a goal from Rodney Kongolo.RKC-Heerenveen · a 2-hour geleden44, ” A high-risk bet on Bakari flies just inches past the post. The way he gets rid of two defenders, and had a better result is gained.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · a 2-hour geleden38′ Hrustic dribbles past the three opponents and aimed the ball towards the far bottom corner. His efforts to smile, but finally let in Groningen, once they see something that is a real attack looks like.RKC-Heerenveen · 3 hours ago

Rodney Kongolo is celebrating his opening goal, on behalf of sc Heerenveen against RKC Waalwijk, the netherlands.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden32′ for a bit of panic in the back for Groningen, as the Padt, however, is very far from its target. Church is great as the ball goes over the net, but Itakura prevents the plane of the line of Utrecht, on the lead comes in.RKC-Heerenveen · 3 hours ago –27′ GOAL sc Heerenveen, the netherlands! From 0 to 1

The Marbles break up the spell in Waalwijk, the netherlands. Chidera Ejuki cross Sherel Floranus a good way to the right and then to the full, the ball is tightly voortrekt. The second pole is, Rodney Kongolo, his direct opponent will be fast and tap the sides of the ball in the empty goal.Vitesse-Feyenoord · 3 hours ago

Penaltyheld Marsman feels it is once again a football player
Nick Marsman plays at Speed-we’re going to have a starring role of a free kick to the cause, and to stop it, even though he did not agree with the decision to have the penalty at all is to give up. “I wanted to be in a straight line to the ball, but he Riechedly Bazoer, ed.). running down the road. Well, I can’t help it,” thinks the monkey, who was shocked when Tim Matavz’s second penalty, in the first instance, again, easy-to-use. “Fortunately, that decision is reversed. With this new rule, it is supermoeilijk to get in on the goal-line stand,” says Marsman, who will be delighted with the many speelminuten for the last time. “It’s all about enjoying it, I feel like a bit of a football player.”FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden18 ” san francisco is only dangerous with long balls on the Sierhuis. Also, it is now the peak searches, but the pass was too high for him to get his foot in there will be good against them, to put on.RKC-Heerenveen · 3 hours ago

15 In Waalwijk, the netherlands, is the game in the end. For his side, or as usual, certainly does not go back into the shell, while Wigan came to play football.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours ago

15 min in The initial stage, it is undoubtedly for FC Utrecht, the netherlands. The visitors in the game, although it must be said that in Groningen, which for the time being is also fine.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden10 Two dangerous times of the Utrecht succession. The first will be the breakthrough Gustafson, the ball does not pass through Padt, you then will have a screen shot of the Area to be broken. For the visitors, the pressure is on.RKC-Heerenveen · 3 hours geleden7 in Waalwijk, the netherlands, is the game at a high tempo, started. Heerenveen, the netherlands finds itself, it is most often in the vicinity of the Vaessen, the home team is on the counter.FC Groningen-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geleden5′ Joyce is thinking of running away can be a tough game, but it will in time become obsolete due to the rapid Zeefuik. Utrecht will start in the match than the home team, and is on the hunt for a quick opening goal.Premier league · 3 hours ago, theKick-off! The beginsignaal like the Hitachi Capital Mobility, the Stadium, and the Mandemakers Stadion in the games of FC Groningen, FC Utrecht and RKC Waalwijk-sc Heerenveen in the first place.Vitesse-Feyenoord · 3 hours ago

The lawyer has ‘good time’
Short and we’re going to be able to have the audience be entertained with goals, but Dick Advocaat wants nothing to do with a boring game. “I had a good time,” said the coach of the city’s inhabitants. “In the second half, and we controlled and dominated. It is going to be the neutral race, which are few in number, but for the coach of the Team, it was a great game.”RKC-Heerenveen, the netherlands · 3-hour geledenBij sc Heerenveen, the return of Rodney Kongolo and Chidera Ejuke back to the basics. The Teaser will play about an hour at his side.

📋 Back to the basics: Rodney Kongolo and Chidera Ejuke.
👉 Clean Smith for the first time in the clash. #COYBIWAB


Auteursc HeerenveenMoment of plaatsen13:29 – december 8, 2019RKC-De · 3 hours geledenBij his side, we can see, Hans Mulder will be back. He was on last week, will be suspended.

🔥 Our 1️⃣1️⃣ of the names of the thuisduel against sc Heerenveen! One change from last week: Hans Mulder returns to the base after a suspension.
💛💙 We Are Together!


AuteurRKC WaalwijkMoment of plaatsen13:18 – december 8, 2019Groningen-new york · 3 pm geledenDe formation of the football club Utrecht, in order to 14: 30, start uitduel against FC Groningen in the netherlands.

💪 “Let’s go, boys!
#fcutrecht #groutr #premier league


AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen13:06 am – december 8, 2019Back to top

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