Short and to the Team in spite of heavy odds, with a 0-0 in peace

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Short and to the Team in spite of heavy odds, with a 0-0 in peace

08 december, 2019 11:44 pm
08-12-19 11:44 pm
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In the League there on Sunday, four matches are on the program: the Vitesse-Feyenoord (kick-off 12.15 pm), FC Groningen, FC Utrecht, RKC Waalwijk-sc Heerenveen, the netherlands (both 14: 30), and Sparta Rotterdam, Heracles Almelo and (16.45). In this liveblog, you do not have to miss anything.

Good morning, and welcome to our liveblog on the Premier league! My name is Rob Hirschmann, and I’ll talk to you in the next few hours, about the latest developments at the games.

  • LIVE:
  • Vitesse-Feyenoord 0-0
  • 14: 30:
  • The Groningen-Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • RKC-Heerenveen, the netherlands
  • 16.45 pm:
  • Sparta-Heracles

9 hours ago

Peace of mind! Well, it’s not, but the fun is Short-we’re going to do. The first part is Short, and the second end of the first part of the Season. Goals are still missing in the Incident.A 14-minute geleden42′ is a real oasis in a headline in front of! Once again, an opportunity for the Team.A 16-geleden41′ Sinisterra, with a kopkans, but the ball is going next.The 17-minute geleden39, ” Dick Advocaat has is great, along with the game. He was annoyed by the many mistakes of his team.An 18-minute geleden38′ Chaos in the back, at Speed, with Pasveer with the ball on the side line in hot pursuit.A 20-minute geleden36′ For it with a fierce shot after a course! Marsman, however, of a sudden.The 21-minute geleden35′ Kökcü to shoot from distance, but Pasveer, who saves easily. We’re going to have in the last few minutes, however, the initiative in the game.The 22-minute geleden34′ Bar! Toornstra takes a fine free-kick, just a little bit too much. The sound bursts forth at the bar.23 hours ago

From the moment of the match so far. Pol van Boekel (the netherlands) gives a yellow Vitesse goalkeeper Nick Marsman, because, according to him, early in the morning, his line was on a penalty kick. Later, he puts the card back in, since the VAR procedure.A 26-minute geleden30′ It was the Right place to be! He’s got a good man gave doekhi some firm kicks in and reads what you want in it. Unfortunately, Sprint is going to hit the ball just next to them.The 29-minute geleden27 ” There are going to be more wrong than right. Both of these teams have struggled to hit the ball a couple of times in a row to get the right color to play with.31 minutes geleden25, ” There was a real oasis and more are doing it! He was a beautiful pass at the speed of a mountain house, but they won’t be wild in addition to.The 32-minute geleden24′ mountain house! He takes the ball on his knee, and the shooting suddenly from out of the sky. The ball is going next.A 33-minute geleden23′ allows for the possibility of Short-through the Right. The attempt by the left, missing the goal wide.The 36-minute geleden20 On the other hand, is a chance for the mountain house! Sinisterra and put the m down for a mountain house, which on the left is about to shoot.The 37-minute geleden19′ Bazoer from a distance! He’s shooting over after a good action, that of Dicko, who, Malacia easy to through.The 41-minute geledenNick Marsman delivered for the first time, and a commitment from the eleven metres, since 31st August 2014 and as One of Peace, on behalf of the Team shot at in the Twente region of the Marsman.43 minutes ago there are13′ BAR! Bazoer is given the ball out of bounce just in front of the goal, on his feet, but he taps the ball against the crossbar.The 44-minute geleden12 ” No, not yet! The VSA engages, and so the review On Boekel (the netherlands) are of the opinion. No penalty for Speed.the one-hour geleden11′ Matavz misses, but that Marsman was asked by his line. So it may be Short, the penalty for re-taking of the referee, Van Boekel (the netherlands).the one-hour geleden10′ Kick and Speed! The value looks to be a push by Marsman as previously, and then transmits the referee is to the ball point.the one-hour geleden8′ is An option to Speed through the Right, but he can’t do it on purpose, shoot it. Marsman picks up on it.the one-hour geleden7 Both teams start with what’s waiting in the game. We’re going to leave Sprint and quiet building.the one-hour geledenEr depends on a lot of smoke in the house, because there was a firework has been chipped. While on the roof, close in. for one hour geleden1 There is a kick off at the bus station.the one-hour geledenAls Speed to get back to lose, then it’s time for the sixth year in a row. That is, it is in the club in the Premier league never happened.the one-hour geledenDick Attorney at law is in the four matches, with the Club three times won the champion’s League, as much as Jaap Stam, in the first eleven-Premier-league-matches. In the other match ended in a draw (1-1 at FC Groningen, the netherlands).the one-hour geledenVitesse was ten scored 23 points in the Premier league, set a new clubrecord. I was there for five matches in a row, lost the league and went to Leonid Slutsky, on the hour ago

Joseph Oosting (Speed) is the seventh coach this season, making his debut in the Premier league. The other six debutants this season:
Dirk Heesen (ADO Den Haag)
Jay Driessen (VVV-Venlo)
Time Slot (AZ)
Sjors Ultee (Fortuna Sittard)
Gonzalo García García (FC Twente)
Fred Grim (manchester united)for one hour geledenNiemand has so much experience in the Premier league, when Dick Advocaat.

800 – Dick Advocaat is the manager (350) or the player (450), in an Eredivisie match for the 800th wicket and helping sri time, which is more than anyone else (Ron, John follows with, 783). Rated one of the.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen11:19 – december 8, 20192 hours ago

About an hour of pedaling Speed, and we’re going to finish it in the bus station. These are the set-ups. Joseph Oosting, interim manager at Sprint, take it immediately in by his predecessor, Sloetski made Keisuke Honda in the bank.

Speed: Pasveer, Lelieveld, gave doekhi some firm kicks Obispo, Clark; Bero, Bazoer, In; Dicko, Matzvz and Right.

We’re Going To: Marsman; Married, Botteghin, Senesi, Malacia; Toornstra, Kökcü, Fer; Mountain House, A Real Oasis, Sinisterra.Back to top

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