Fans of Netflix’s series house in The Fear be able to count

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Netflix has it on Sunday at the Brazilian Comic-Con for the fourth installment was announced to be the most popular non-English language series the house of the Fear. La Casa de Papel: part 4 is up as of 3 april 2020 the world is available on Netflix.

About La Casa de Papel
A mysterious man named El Profesor (“The Professor”), planning the biggest heist that has ever you can keep in mind: the acquisition of the Royal Mint of Spain, the stems up to 2.4 billion euros. In order for this ambitious plan to be able to carry out recruiting and he is a member of the 8 people who have certain traits, but it also has nothing to lose. The raiders will find it difficult to comply with the proposed rules, and to be confronted with a hostile hostage to acts of violence, and isolation. Eventually, they’re able to get out of the Spanish National Mint, to escape with the money. Their happiness is short lived when one of them is arrested, and the gang are forced to once again come together as a team in order to have an even more ambitious plan to carry out, as targeted by the National Bank of Spain.