A special new one for the F3

A special new one for the F3

Only happy faces on Friday at the trade Fair in Antwerp. Q3-increased-along with about 40 foster children, and 20 parents, and foster parents in the clip for this song, You’re beautiful, and that on the Q3 cd, Dreams, is.

Q3-explain why this is the number one pleegzorgnummer it is. Hanne: “children, who are growing up in a family and to feel that it is sometimes a bit different than the other kids.” Short history: “With the song ” You’re beautiful,’ we want you to know that I don’t have, and that every child should have. A message that is reinforced by parents as well as parents of children, who dance in the video.” Klaasje: “they All want to tell you that they their (foster)child, just be very, very, very happy to see that!”

The single will be out on the 18th of december, and the clip will follow on the 20th of december.

The clip is part of the collaboration between the foster Care and Studio 100, who earlier in the year it was launched.
Under the heading of Studio100steboven wants to be the Studio 100 will help to foster-care in place. In that way, it gives the Studio 100’s to search for new foster families in Flanders, and a helping hand in the right direction.