Well-known in Flanders, on the new calendar

e8476d6a9c8f69d3059426193e1431d4 - Well-known in Flanders, on the new calendar

A calendar is for a good cause that deserves our support. Author Chris Ardyn has not just one calendar, but a calendar full of well-known Flemish people. Pieter Aspe, Sandra Bekkari, Eli Iserbyt, Filip D Haeze, Piet Huysentruyt, Herbert Verhaeghe, “Bandit”, John Veugelers, Steve Ryckier, Laura, Lynn, and Justine De Jonckheere, which is provided for their co-operation. “Each month has a photo of one of the well-known Flemish people, along with a quote that I wrote,” let the creator know about us. All of the proceeds from the calendar will go to cancer research, and there is also a beautiful trip to win. The calendar will cost 14.99 euros and is for sale online at
“I am convinced that this policy does very little to make a major breakthrough in cancer research is to be achieved. In flanders the results of your contribution in the fight against the killer is the number one cancer,” said Chris, still at it.