Johan Veugelers presents the first-ever children’s show

0ffe02db3a181ec243ae0e3c8199a931 - Johan Veugelers presents the first-ever children's show

Johan Veugelers using Facebook to know that he was on Sunday 9th of February 2020 and will be premiered for the very first show. The lead singer and accordion player, is proud that he can do it, but at the same time, he was nervous about this brand-new show.

As a tribute to his grandfather, his hero, who to him have been taught, and to whom he will of his wonderful career, reasons to be grateful, and there was a nice theaterconcept came up with. Anja, Carol and john slapped it together with Jeroen Wiggeleer in the hands of each other, and as a result of hard work, Johan Veugelers is now the premiere to come.

The first show will take place at the GC Front, Opperstraat 31, to the year 1770 Liedekerke. Tickets cost € 10 and you can use them to make a reservation on 0486/99.61.Of the 56, or by The doors will be opened at 14 hours. The show itself will start at 15 hours and it is composed of two parts of 45 minutes with a break of half an hour. Johan Veugelers, hopes to advance to the a lot of well-known faces of his friends, and to see them in the hall.

(Nico Vanaken)