Axel Daeseleire, Ben Segers, significantly, are

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It’s a new season, How Shall I put It? it is Monday evening, december 2, a very good start. Meanwhile, looking at the average 845.000 people are the first to warm and playful messages, Jens Dendoncker in a not so subtle manner, delivered it, which was good for a share of 35,7% (VVA 18-54; live +3).
As, for instance, need to you may no be able to say that. Something that would be Seger’s rather difficult. A good friend of his, Axel Daeseleire want him to learn that saying no really is not a sin. How to do this? On Monday, the 9th of december, you will discover in the next episode.

The Internet is a great place to be. However, there is such a thing as too much of it on the internet. The 13-year-old, Noah is more than 12 hours per day online, oh.a. for Fortnite to games. He is investing not only in hours but also in the money. “Noah, it has just about 600 euros, Fortnite is issued. A free to play game take note. In order to kostuumpjes for boys to buy. Or dance”. Noah’s mommy, Linsay was with them and had to put the big resources in.

Lynn: there has been an intense period of time on the river. Last year, they got to know that she has the auto immune disease alopecia areata does. In the three weeks she was completely bald. She ended up with a haarinstituut in Hasselt, where a stylist She is a beautiful wig made for it. Lynn wants to thank her once again for a vertrouwensboost to give up. Thanks to the Very daring of them, now, even without a wig to go out.