Tonight starts new season of Midsomer Murders

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Barnaby’s father, Ned, is on a visit to the. As an avid baldanser, he is delighted to have the visit coincide with the annual dance competition in the town. Among the dancers, there is a lot of jealousy. As a dancer, Rosa harbors the largest grudge when her dance partner the day before the race picked up. They can’t take it to the dance competition, to follow and to go back home, where she is later found murdered in. Research has shown that Rosa is actually a journalist, and was. Could it be that they are on to something, or is the clearing of the old in the world?

The british misdaadserie, in which detective John Barnaby is confronted with a tale of murder and mayhem in Midsomer, appears to be a tranquil slice of countryside in the Uk, in Somerset.

By: Neil Dudgeon (DCI John Barnaby), Nick Hendrix (DS is Beautiful in the Winter), Fiona Dolman (Sarah Barnaby), Annette Badland (as dr. Fill Name of).a.

Episode 1: “The point of balance, series 21, Friday evening at 20h40-on-one.