Suikerrock stops at the end of the 34 editions

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The first name for the 34th edition of the Suikerrock, are known for White Lies, ” and “The Sisters of Mercy will be on Friday the 31st of July, the “black Pete” in you to do. Two of the standard bearers of British post-punk/wave rock at one stage. In the final stage, Suikerrock.

Suikerrock 2020, it will be a very special and memorable, but unfortunately it is also afscheidseditie to be. Suikerrock was 34 years old a long time, along with the Tiense Suiker, a major symbol of the city’s. Suikerrock, was a pioneer in the Belgian festivallandschap, thank you to the hundreds of thousands of volunteers over the years. “34-year-long partners, investors and volunteers, get the best of themselves. Selflessly and with full dedication for the well-being and to the character and appearance of the city. Unfortunately, we are forced to conclude that, in the present second home win for city government is not respectful of the unique and selfless work of Suikerrock and its partners, and volunteers. In this respect, it would have to be demonstrated by actions, not just words. Therefore, it is very a pity to have to say that the company board, agreements, and promises not to comply and/or fail, allowing them to Suikerrock, the options for the future (which is in the center of the city, and the main Market square) and takes away. Suikerrock is, this city isn’t a priority any more, and we can’t do anything else than to make this decision. Without the continued support of the city council, it doesn’t make sense any more. A’s lose, as its unique, vibrant, and sparkling showcase”, respond to, and the organisers will be disappointed.