Santa claus brought the concert to 13, and 14 of the john Smith’s Deluxe

Santa claus brought the concert to 13, and 14 of the john Smith's Deluxe

What a surprise when the organizer of PSE-Belgium. Thankful for so much, a tribute by john Smith (who did the song ” Kniktikklaas brought in to the Lotto Arena for the recording, just click the button below) dropped st. Nicholas just like that a while two of the extra-Deluxe-concerts in the a catch. As a gift, and that WE will Belgium be happy with as many fans as possible to share. Tickets for both the Wednesday the 15th and Sunday the 19th of January, are now on sale.

A good start indeed! John Smith took at the end of november, is the first of 4 concerts of his first major arenashow Deluxe. And then the gate is completely out of hand. Flanders, storm, Bart, who, as of January 3, of his triumphal tour in the Lotto Arena, continues. In order to let everyone have the chance to give it (a second time) to be one of the date of the concert, one after the other added to it. Also Wednesday, the 15th, and Sunday the 19th of January in the calendar to state in the counter 14 and a junior show. The concert is on the 19th of January to the end of the series.