Ingrii wish everyone a merry Christmas and give

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Do you have a collection kerstalbums been taken off the shelf, and the tree is all set-up and of course, you are secretly the “Silent Night” to sing?” If you are also crazy for the new single to be taken from Ingrii? ‘Christmas With You’ is an original kerstnummer that all do dream of the pleasant time that lies ahead of us.

“The very thought of Christmas gives me an instant happy feeling,” cross Ingrii of the land. “I think that the feeling is not just me. A lot of fans have asked me if I had a kerstnummer would be on that. So, I was talking about this with my producer and a lyricist, ‘ Laurens van Wessel”, and a few days later, it was Christmas with the yours in my inbox. He did a song written especially for me. It is, therefore, again has no cover, but a beautiful new kerstnummer.

Ingrii is a synonym for a very merry sing-and her kerstnummer had found them to be the same atmosphere. “But all of a kerstnummer, as is typically does,” she laughs. “That is to say, with the ‘jingle bells’, so that everyone is instantly in the Christmas mood,” according to Ingrii.