FIVE welcomes a new look for the holidays

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This year, this is not a boring, traditional, christmas, FIVE, along with the Qozmo the best friend of Jack, that makes FIVE, christmas, fun, pink. For anyone who does not have a hint of pink fun during the cold winter months? Away with the stressing over presents, kerstfeestjes and obligations, it is time for the Pink Game FIVE.
Qozmo does not need to have a traditional white christmas this year, and he is breaking tradition and is a celebration of its own Pink Game at FIVE.

Christmas is fun, enjoy being together, and kerstfilms check it out. Here are the Five viewers agree! This is why the FIVE of you during the holiday season, every day, to a movie, to dream and to relax. Well done with your legs under your body out to make it a perfect christmas party is to organize it and get rid of those boring annual commitment, in short, is not a traditional christmas, this year, they have a Pink Game, with Qozmo and FIVE years old.

From the 7th of december, the christmas spirit is in the house, if the first movie of 2019, there’s Once Upon A Christmas. This film is the santa claus and his hat on the hook. He has had it with all of you naughty children, and the burden of Christmas off. It’s up to his daughter for the day-to-manage … the Pink Game at the FIVE, go further with movies like “Santa’s Secret”, A Love of Christmas, The Mistletoe Promise, a Christmas Land, and much, much more. In this way every day for a serving of the Pink Game to look forward to.