Christoff is ready to be 17 and christmas concerts

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After Christmas, it is about looking forward to Christmas, and Christoff is no different. For the tenth year in a row, he moves on, along with a number of Flemish churches have christmas concerts starting on december 13. The singer will be a time for a total of 27 tracks to bring. The Latest News says Christoff and that he was not one of those traditional christmas songs that will bring people out there at the time, what I had in them. He brings out during the tour, mostly their own songs, which he hangs up with a message. That is, undoubtedly, the biggest success of the christmas tour. This is the kind of singer, no topic is out of the way. Songs about death, suffering loss, a divorce, not a single message is Christoff out of the way. In her own words-the stories and the messages are positive.

In those 17 concerts will always be between 800 and 1000 people will be present. In total, there are more than ten thousand tickets were sold. Each concert is a charity associated with it. Thus, in the Basilica of sint-jans-molenbeek for 200 needy people for a free concert, with a cup of soup.

It’s the Light, light a candle, that Christoff had happened, from Bethlehem, will be there, along with a children’s choir Scaletta all the time on this one. Sister, Lindsay, at 10 of the 17 concerts to make her debut. It will be time for extra attention to daughter Lisa-Marie (Christoff’s godson) and that it will be two years of age. That is why they are not always present.