Suzanne Vega is coming to Ghent

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Suzanne Vega will release in april of her new album, ” An evening in New York city Songs-Songs and Stories to the world. At the time of this album with a European tour with the band. On may 3, 2020 and will be a new album in the Minard in Ghent, belgium.
At “An Evening in New York, the Songs and the Stories” are previously unreleased songs that are inspired by the New York times, in a live performance. Vega is assisted by her faithful guitarist Gerry Leonard, bassist Jeff Allen and keyboardist Jamie Edwards. The album was released earlier this year, recorded at the famous New York bar and the Café Carlyle. In addition to hits like “Luka” and “Tom’s Diner” are also of lesser-known gems to offer, such as, “Frank and Ava” and “Ludlow Street”. Also, New York is my Destination ” is out of her repertoire to the above, been met. “An Evening in New York city Songs-Songs and Stories” was produced by Gerry Leonard, in which the mixture is carried out by a mastering engineer and Grammy Award winner Kevin Killen, and the master is taken care of by Grammy Award winner Bob Ludwig.

Suzanne Vega is widely acclaimed as one of the best songwriters of her generation. She is the leader of the folkrevival of the early 80’s. After her warm welcome debut in 1985 and was released with her name as the title, she was a contemporary of songs to write and record, which we are now familiar in our ears. ‘Luka’ is probably the only hit song ever written from the perspective of an abused boy, and “Marlene on the Wall’, very well received in the united kingdom. “Tom’s Diner” is a quirky a-capellanummer, and it was like a remix of the British danceduo the DNA to be a big success in the clubs. Vega’s albums, such as ‘Suzanne Vega’, ‘Solitude Standing” and “99.9 F”), went to millions of times in over-the-counter.