One-time screening of Thunderdome Never Dies in Belgian cinemas

f27cd66a5854e4d0bc90f5728ccd2ff5 - One-time screening of Thunderdome Never Dies in Belgian cinemas

On Friday, the 13th of december, Thunderdome, Never Dies once, will be shown in Kinepolis, Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, belgium. The eighty-minute film, will be back at the origins and history of one of the most powerful young people/cultures of music in the Low Countries and beyond their borders.

Thunderdome Never Dies stands for “a trip down memory lane. Pioneers such as Duncan Stutterheim and Irfan van Ewijk (the founders of ID&T”), Francois Maas (project manager), Sander Groet (founder of the system again), take a look back at the early days of the Thunderdome, and while DJ’s like DJ Promo, The Prophet, DJ Dano, Gizmo, and DJ DROKZ and their experiences with the Thunderdome to share. Of course, the fans of the past and present have to say. Thunderdome has to be on the day of an unparalleled fan base. Not only in the united states, but also from other countries. An example of this is in The Wizard, you have the iconic logo of the Thunderdome, which is used by a large number of fans, if the tattoo is to be worn. The Wizard was next to the smiley face on the wall is the most well-known trademark in the international dance music scene. The conversations are largely interspersed with images of the famous party.

Thunderdome released in 1992, is a total revolution in social life and was the founder of the Netherlands ‘ largest cultural export product, dance music. In 2017 came to Thunderdome, after a gap of 5 years back. By Thunderdome grew up on hardcore music, far beyond the borders of the country. The world loathed and revered. “Gabber” was the biggest youth culture in the Netherlands has ever known. At its peak in the nineties and was called one of the three students to gabber, and the scene was dominated by the Aussies, Bombers, Air Max, bare heads, and The Wizard. Belgium was under the spell of this most iconic of charge dance party. Between 1996 and 1998, was the Thunderdome no less than four times, held in the Antwerp Sportpaleis.