Bart Schols latest addition to The world’s Smartest Man In the World

Bart Schols latest addition to The world's Smartest Man In the World

There is nothing to put a stop to, Lieven Scheire, the presenter, was there Wednesday night again, managed to see the episode of ” The Smartest Man In the World to win. He has had 7 entries and 6 wins to his name. Scheire, which has the highest number of wins this season to his name, no one can see this record continue to improve. The reason for this? Tonight we are at the last ‘regular’ episode of ‘The Smartest Man In the World”. After that, Jelle Vossen, due to a tactical blunder – which means he is also the finaleweken misses – the-red-carpet-for a participation of the Hazes were required, it should be Bart Schols tonight as the last entrant formation.

“John’s been a few seasons and be a sparkling star on the Canvas. A superb interviewer, who is very respectful and treats his guests, but is afraid to bite, as it should be. I do hope, however, that he is with me, which is milder, it is as if he does not agree with any of my questions. And answers,” laughs Erik Van Looy.