An Lemmens candid with Luk Alloo

An Lemmens candid with Luk Alloo

An Lemmens is known of her private life is very much connected to each other. The popular presenter says now is a time to Luk Alloo over her rebellious adolescence, which is not always easily had. A strong opener to a new season of Alloo By the series of portraits with Luk Alloo interesting names to go back to go back to the places that are important to them, and were.

Now, pick up the An on the to the raising of Belgium’s Got Talent, the kijkcijferkanon in which they judge. The first stop on the trip was her high school’s in the world. There, she talks about her teenage years, when she gradually began to rebel. In the third year of secondary school had An her first piercing, on her 17th, she found inspiration in the Straight-Edge movement. I have been very rebellious. If I’m against the rules, was able to take it, I did it. But in a good way. I didn’t smoke, for example. I didn’t really, really exaggerated things. Only with my clothes, piercings, and tattoos. That had never been seen before that time.

An have learned to play the piano and guitar. I just wanted to make music, but hooked on as soon as I have had to intervene. Since I’m not a stage animal. This is, of course, is strange to the work that I do. After completing her studies, she was spotted in each year, at Louvain, by a person of, for EXAMPLE, and she put her first steps on TV.

Now, take An, at her parents ‘ home in Mol, where she and her childhood were spent. The house of the family, but still manage to arrange for a visit, and that brings with it An quite a lot of happy memories from her childhood. After all these years, she can still look over the railing sliding down. But that youth hasn’t always been an easy one. I am very, very strictly brought up. I have a very difficult time had by all.