Yentl Keuppens launches new jewellery collection

28374feb7293d6509b083fb149e89a5a - Yentl Keuppens launches new jewellery collection

It’s been a busy time for Yentl Keuppens. The following week, she sets her new book, for example, there was a bit of glamour and glitz at the launch of her jewellery collection. To I., mon.with regard to the Steenhouwersvest in Antwerp, proposed to Yentl and her collection of ‘Lucky 24’ for it. From now on, you can go to I., mon.with regard to this visit for such a beautiful necklace and earrings, designed from the ground up to Yentl. The collection is rather limited, but it may very well be the beginning of a new story. The influencer, which, among other things, of Pink Ambition it, that much is for sure.