The Mole in Greece?

b765825db70cb3fbfbecc286d3929f66 - The Mole in Greece?

The following year, FOUR of the ‘Lion-Marked Legend, or at least that you should have a new trailer to make us believe. Just the title is all to do with the eyebrows, frown. The probability is, that the disclosure of the location of The Mole, for which you can take the ‘Lion’s Market, Legend ” are? Yes, ” The Mole In Greece’. It’s around this time of the year, there is Gilles De Coster, in the foreign country for the filming of “The Mole”, and usually leaks out the location of The Mole, in december this year. This may not be a coincidence. If it’s a new season, in FOUR starts, is still not known.