Prison Break The Code of the Av

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In the next issue of the Code of the Av looks like an episode of “Prison Break” for Staff, and in Front, close to Koen Wauters and his wife, Valerie De Booser, and the duo of Laura Tesoro, and Sean Dhondt, in a closely guarded prison. And we have to get them through it, and codes to crack to get.

But the two brothers, the duo is not easy. Carl and Sean are in a straight-jacket is put in, Valerie, and Laura, with their hands handcuffed on the back. He who bites the dust? He who digs a path in the direction of the free life out there? And how should you respond to the pairs of the stress? It is the Code of the Av and the ultimate relatietest for a Fierce ‘Animal’, Wauters, and She? And taking Laura to the motion or the Plan, which takes the lead in the races for the year?

The Code of the Av., Wednesday at 20.35 on tv.