Disaster strikes when Klaasje

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Klaasje Meijer of the K3, knew, Sunday morning bad luck. Pool area in particular. Due to a flat tire, there was established in the Netherlands in Breda, but it was still early in the Antwerp sports palace for the Great Sinterklaasshow. As widespread panic, and all hands on deck, so as to Q3, however, in time it could occur! Time for the if the waiting wasn’t there, so it was a director’s assistant and jack-of-all-Marie Verhulst, Klaasje come to pick up, so they still have time on the stage of the Arena himself. The mission was successful, and Klaasje recognised Marie, with a nice hot cup of tea! And for the thousands of fans at the Antwerp Sportpaleis in antwerp? That will have nothing in the Klaasjes a hectic morning, and noticed this…