He has toured in 2020, with the second to the theatre

450d76c77e9a53b5a65bd893af3224a8 - He has toured in 2020, with the second to the theatre

The general public learned He (Arnst) to know when the VTM programme ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’. Afterwards, the magician has his own program on the same commercial radio station. After the end of the tv show was pulled, He is out with his first zaalshow in Flanders, with the presentation of the “Real”. Now is the time to make a completely new show, “Mystery” was already there. This is a play in which he appears as a tip of the veil of light, and even explain to you around the garden and leads up to you, and then, still stunned to be hit. With amazing acts that you are not only not explained, but which you firmly believe is that there is absolutely no explanation for that may exist. No bells, no whistles, no smoke screens, no double bottoms, just James: great in its simplicity, unparalleled in its field.

The first Try-out was already in place in Bruges in belgium, on the 12th of October. On Thursday, 5th december, at 20.30, you will have a second Try-out in the Red Room of the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp, belgium. Fast, decision-makers may be able to have a place to obtain, through at the show to attend. All of the other Try-outs have already been completely sold out. It is now waiting for the full track list by the year 2020.