Agree, Andy Peelman’s going on in the battle

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“Aruba, baby!”. Tourists on the Caribbean island, with white sandy beaches, have everything they could possibly wish for, but, Andy Peelman, it is not to be lazy enough to sit.

The beautiful scenery of Aruba in some cases, the enemy may have been, it turned out, when Andy, along with the Major Halabi, the yacht opens up to some of the boat people. In a difficult and dangerous job in a field that is dotted with shrubs and cacti. It’s the same with Andy’s, agree, on whose arm wrestling with a map.

Under a blazing sun and 35 degrees is going to Andy afterwards, on patrol in the port of Oranjestand, which giant cruise ships land, which annually account for more than one million visitors. Aruba is know for an audience that is willing to make a lot of money to spend and everything is set for that holiday makers have an instant sense of security, so they keep coming back. As soon as they set foot on shore, the police have to be visible in order to, for example, the competition between the sellers in the bud.

Not only the boat but also the one with the largest jumbo jets will be thousands of tourists from all over the world are flown in. With neighboring countries like colombia and Venezuela, flights to Aruba, unfortunately, some of the most notorious smuggling routes. The passengers and their luggage are always to the in-depth controls.