40-45 is still

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For the all-star cast of 40-45, it was a Sunday, a special moment in time, and the last show of 2019, which will be played. From October 2018 to 40-45 in-the-Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater Again. There are starting soon, with rehearsals for the farewell show of ” Samson & Gert, and it’s all hands on deck for the musical Daens, which as of February 22, 2020, it shall be taken into account. Therefore, the performances of 40-45 until the middle of march 2020 and is still. Not to worry though, there are definitely performances up to and including the 28th of June, by the year 2020. You can see the movement to the Again however not in the event-musical, is now available to buy on dvd.