Tim Van Aelst takes a cousin, and They have to live in, How Shall I put It?

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Daft Punk is a French lesson to give you, the army will have to be a complete neighborhood in the belgian city of Antwerp in safety and security because of the internet, and it is a slechthorige Batman asks for help, the 8-year-old Isaiah, to The Joker, to be able to easy bur sticking… How shall we say it? Brief and to the point, Jens Dendoncker, is back with a new season of ” What Will I Say?”. That promises to be a lot of new messages, and hand-made by 1 company, which it is.

In the first episode, on Monday, december 2, takes up, How Shall I Say?-creator Tim Van Aelst, along with the jack, and sister-in-law, 16-year-old cousin, and We have to feed the animals.
Let’s say that In one of French, a little fromage is full. At every family reunion, I stayed with my brother Peter and my sister-in-law On hearing that the French, to put it mildly, not Viktors favourite subject, and he is just short of done. We found that all the three-time Victor of his lesson, and hopefully, once learnt, and I now have a program that is perfectly suitable for such a message in an unforgettable way”.

The 17-year-old Bauke has an emotional message for her grandfather, Jos. Four years ago, the girl suddenly to a heart attack. Her grandfather drove her to start cpr and saved her life. Now that he has the incurable disease AS a feeling of Bauke is more difficult to fight. “Grandfather has given me my life has returned and I can’t go back to do. There I am with them. That’s why I want him to have one more hard year.” Jens turns off, Jos’ musical hero, Guy Swinnen and koersidolen, Roger De Vlaeminck and John Albert.