Nathalie Meskens, and James Cooke, the big winners are the Story Awards

Nathalie Meskens, and James Cooke, the big winners are the Story Awards

Saturday night in the ’t ‘Kuipke’ in Ghent, and the Story Showbiz Awards for the tenth year in a row. During this edition, it was clear how much the Flanders, it means to the artists to celebrate and that the day-in, day-out, for the emotions, relaxing the tension and entertain, and entertain it. In the run-up to the presentation of the awards and was massively voted for, in total, opted for almost 100,000 people, the showbizzfavorieten by 2019 at the latest, and that’s a record. And it is also Known in Flanders, has signed once again in great numbers as well.

Just like last year, Nathalie Meskens, and James Cooke, of the major players. She went to each of the two awards will go to the house. In addition to the award for ‘Best tv presenter’ was There for ‘Best actress’. Fun fact: since the beginning of the Story and world of Showbiz Awards (if There a time that the price in that case. When the show was mom-to-be in addition to a huge hug as uitreiker for Willy Sommers. James Cooke, will follow of themselves, then again as a Man to the heart’, and ‘Best presenter’.
Nathalie Meskens: “The greatest gift that can be given to carrièrevlak is to acknowledge the people you work with. Therefore, I would like to be, and, with blushing cheeks, to thank everyone who has taken care of that, I have two prizes to win it.’
James Cooke, ” How cool is that! These awards two years in a row can win it will give me a very warm feeling to it. Lots of love to all of you!’

Also, Kürt Rogiers, who is this year’s show, presented by Katja Retsin, was the price. He was given the award for ‘Best actor’, and brings the total of this 10-Story Showbiz Awards. What’s new in the growing list of Story Showbiz-winner Frances Lefebure. She has managed to make Nathalie Meskens (she’s won 3 times), and Karen Damen (she won it 4 times, it is in the election of ‘Failing her’.

Frances Lefebure: “Thanks to my fantastic job I have in the last few years, and my biggest talent is discovered: it’s nice to see people. I’m genuinely super grateful for because it turns out that the converse is also true: they can see the beauty in me.”

#LikeMe was voted “Discovery of the year”, and Moved Destadsbader, Laura Tesoro, respectively, to the ‘Best vocalist’ and ‘Favorite female singer’. Peter Van de Veire and his ochtendteam for CHARITY made it to the ‘Best radio dj’ by voting in Flanders.