Lisa Leman, brings the christmas spirit to Staden

f4d30dc60412e935105ee8fd9abb75cb - Lisa Leman, brings the christmas spirit to Staden

A lot of the kids come Christmas, this weekend, or the guy with Lisa, There will be in the future, prove it. But if you are visiting the santa Claus, because Lisa has invited him to her christmas concert, which they will on Saturday, december 14th, the family. “This year, I have my co-workers Leah justice: ace attorney, Kurt Crabbé, Ellis, & Doran, John Decoene, Dina Rodrigues, and Herbert Verhaeghe is invited,” says an enthusiastic singer while sipping on a hot chocolate. The parish church of St. John Baptist, it is a great location for the christmas concert last year, it was all fun. In its repertoire it has less than no songs, that is songs, however, are brought up by their musical guests. “Personally, I put songs on this album, which is in a church, be sure to come to their own,” says Lisa. Tickets are € 18 and you can make reservations on-0473 60 08 93.