Home wins the award for one of the most popular tv show in Flanders

b8744eb43b546f2acb792b0622897387 - Home wins the award for one of the most popular tv show in Flanders

In the audience, it is a daily fiction series in the Home for years, it is the most popular program is One that has been almost a weekly basis, the kijkcijfertabellen referred to.
On Saturday, if the all-star cast, on behalf of the entire team and the audience in the Story world of Showbiz Awards, taking Home the favourite tv show in Flanders, across all ages and generations. In flanders, close to Home once again in her heart.

At the awards ceremony in Ghent, namur, Mathias Vergels, and Annick Segal’s words: “Big thank you is all that we are. And we are all together in this award shall come and take of it,” says Mathias Vergels, when he won the Award for favourite tv programme is handed over to the client. “It is, perhaps, a little statue, but I’m proud of it and proud of the widespread recognition that it is, and that we are on to you each and every day to get it.”

Annick Segal moved and the people who work behind the scenes at the festival, Here on the stage with the actors, but the behind-the-scenes work, a lot of people in the underground to shine. And that, in the last 25 seasons in a long time. Thank you so much to each and every one of them.”

Home-actress in the Leah Thys, was to be honored : she was in the career price in that case.
In addition to the 25 years of ” Madamme Her at Home, she played numerous roles in theatre and on television, and he was in the heart of Flanders for himself.
“If the girl with the blue nuns in sint-truiden had a good time, I’m at a reading and the schooltoneel. I’m in the audience, grateful that I am to this day, this day that is still fun to do. As an artist, or an actress, you’re in favor of the public. I still enjoy every day of your wonderful and kind words that people gave me after a performance to give. And that means that they, too, have enjoyed.”
“It’s sympathetic that we have to be a career price to get it. A nice recognition for what is already behind me. However, I can also assure everyone that there is still a lot for me in the theater and on tv, so it’s really not end of the career, it is the price! (laughs)”

In it’s 25th season, continues to be the Home of an absolute kijkcijfertopper. On average, look at it every day 1.261.086 the Flemish people for their favorite television shows (Cim-reading 2/9 to 19/11, 4+, live+7, incl, online). A market share of 44.6 per cent chose almost half of the television audience each and every night at Home.