Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 48

d2fa4abe11e18a1fc73fa14334737162 - Ultratop 50 Flanders-Week 48

Six of their singles have disappeared this week in the Ultratop 50 In Flanders. This is the case for Many, and “Dance with me”, “The grunt man,” by Borokov Borokov, feat. Mathieu Terryn, Fleddy Melculy “Stop!”, “Let not the winds, but good wind” from the Swoop, “Droomdans” by Siham and Jo Vally with, “When the doubts were gone.

The reed is the new 49 with the “word”. 46, it is to “Rebel” by Jebroer & in the winter. “The onvolledigen”, and The Sixth Metal feat. Stefanie Callebaut and end up on 41. “Do the love” sings Nina Butera, at 31. Abdou has a “Heart of gold” and he does it at 26.