The new single of Eddy Smets

f015a23dda97387715ae78d8e3e4673d - The new single of Eddy Smets

We received an e-mail from Eddy Then, he has news: he has a new single. “I’m really proud of my new music with you all to improve the situation. If I may say so myself: it’s a hell of a song, ‘” writes the singer.
Just in time for the holidays, it brings Eddy was Then his last song for this year, and that was a deliberate choice. “The message of the single, “I’ll take you there, by’ is a part of the christmas thought, for me, is a whole-year period”.

“And even though these words are sometimes difficult to achieve, someone has to let you know that it is a hard time of it, and that he or she can count on you, you can be rest assured, at this time of the year. And actually for a long time after that,” said Eddy Smets.

Eddy has opted for an original song, and the music was written by Rick Diver, the production is made. The text was written by a Van-he has a fantastic message of truth. Eddy Smets hopes that it will be a new song, a lot of people, the hearts to stitch. “I hope many will be inspired to get out to everyone to lend a helping hand and a friendly word to help you.”