Kid Rock’s escape from Oprah Winfrey on stage

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Kid Rock’s escape from Oprah Winfrey on stage

November 30, 2019 13:11
30-11-19 13:11
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Kid Rock is, it could have been after it for a few minutes, the American tv presenter Oprah Winfrey insulted. That is, it is possible to see a video of it on TMZ.

The incident was a week ago, in Kid Rock’s on-site bar in the Country, but the events are now available to the public. Also, does the artist, now in his rant.

Click the images to see how Kid Rock is most likely in a drunken state, was on stage to explain that he has a hate on Amazing. Also, let him know not to convey a message to people who are racist will find. In addition, it says he hated to the comedian Joy Behar and tv presenter Kathy Lee Grifford. His rant consists of a large number of expletives in your language and insults.