Fortuna Sittard and FC Groningen ace on the opening goal

c97402194b902d647ef336214b296204 - Fortuna Sittard and FC Groningen ace on the opening goal

Fortuna Sittard and FC Groningen ace on the opening goal

30 november, 2019 18:34
30-11-19 at 18:34
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The Club are Saturday, three matches are on the program. Willem II and Sparta Rotterdam at 18: 30 kick off, around 19: 45 it is Fortuna Sittard and FC Groningen, and at 20: 45 to close Heracles Almelo and ADO Den Haag in the evening. Follow our liveblog.


  • Fortuna, The Netherlands (0-0)


  • 20.45: Heracles-ADO


  • Willem II-Sparta (4-0)

Fortuna-FC Groningen · 7 hours ago

It is not yet in the race for FC Groningen in the netherlands. The visitors from the north should have the initiative to Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands, and created not a single chance.Heracles Almelo-ADO Den Haag·, a 14-minute geledenNog for more than twenty minutes to kick-off in the final Premier league match of the day.

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AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen20:12 – november 30, 2019Fortuna-FC Groningen · 17 hours ago

Yet, it is time for Fortuna Sittard, FC Groningen, referee Richard, She submits to the contest in the seventeenth minute of silence, because the touch judges have no control over it because of the smell of smoke that arose at the stadium, after it chipped the fireworks from the FC Groningen-supporters.Willem II-Sparta · 17 hours ago

Willem II’s fourth, after a simple victory in the Race
The final whistle sounds in Tilburg, the netherlands. William II, late of Sparta Rotterdam 4-0 without a chance and go up to the fourth position on the league table. Che Nunnely Mike, Association Ndayishimiye, Freek Heerkens, and Mats Köhlert come in to score on behalf of the people from the netherlands.Willem II-Sparta·, 21 minutes geleden88′ of the Race trying for the honor, even to save that for tonight, but the goal is not to be found. Mohamed Rayhi is a good action, and the enemy zestienmetergebied, but pushes the ball just next to them.Fortuna-FC Groningen · a 22-minute geleden22′ Ninaj is given in the following, the imposed risk on behalf of the Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Off a corner kick, the defender is up close on the goalkeeper Padt.Fortuna-FC Groningen · is a 28-minute geledenDe the smoke slowly pulls up in the restaurant and bar. The referee She gives the ball back to Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Fortune-club FC Groningen, has been resumed, after an interval of five minutes.Willem II-Sparta · 29 minutes ago

Typically, the night of the Race: the disappointment is dripping from the faces of the Rotterdam players.Willem II-Sparta-a 30-minute geleden79 Double bill with William II, Marios Vrousai and Damil Dankerlui to replace goalscorers Che Nunnely, and Mats Köhlert. At Sparta, take Dante, to Rigo’s place in Bryan Smith.Fortuna FC Groningen-a 30-minute geleden17′ and The competition in the restaurant and bar will be stopped by the referee as She. Because of the smoke from the fireworks, the fans of football club FC Groningen afstaken, there is nothing to see at the stadium.Fortuna-FC Groningen · 31 minutes and geleden16: “It has been a mistwedstrijd be there, because it’s chipped and fireworks we don’t see the hand in front of the eyes, in the centre of Fortuna. Again, explains the Developing of the contest in silence.Fortuna-FC Groningen · the 32-minute geleden15 ” The competition in the restaurant and bar is provisionally suspended because of the fans of football club FC Groningen firework displays in the box. Trainer Danny Buijs is not happy with the decision of the arbitrator, Richard Martens.Willem II-Sparta · 33 minutes and geleden76′ my god! There is almost eretreffer for the Race. Abdou Harroui try it from a distance and sees his attempt on the linkerpaal end. Shortly after that shoot, Halil Dervisoglu, just next to it.Fortuna-FC Groningen · 33 minutes and geleden14 Finally bite the FC Groningen’s away from him. Only know El Hankouri are beautiful, the solo is not complete.Willem II-Sparta · 40 minutes geleden68, ” The 5-0 is in the air, but the Spartan goalkeeper Ariel Harush and grabs it’s good. First, save for the Israeli, on a bet, Vangelis Pavlidis, and shortly after that, he turns back a shot by Che Nunnely.Fortuna-FC Groningen · 44 minutes geleden3 ” Because it is the first real chance for Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Damascan only to beat the keeper Padt, who is the winner of the battle with the rush hour traffic. Football club FC Groningen, is a warning.Willem II-Sparta-four-hour geleden63 ” Double-switch in the Motor: Halil Dervisoglu and Laros Duarte get in the field, Lars Veldwijk and Adil Auassar.Fortuna FC Groningen-four hours ago, toKick-off! After a minute of silence in memory of the death of former Fortuna coach Pim Verbeek will kick in, Fortuna Sittard, before the game with FC Groningen in the netherlands.Willem II-Sparta-four hours ago,58′ a GOAL for Willem II!!! 4-0

In the evening, it is getting harder and harder for the Race. Mats Köhlert run to the margin, beyond, for the home team. The German barges, the zestienmetergebied of the People in and slide the ball into the far corner.Willem II-Sparta-four-hour geleden51′ my god! There was almost 4-0 for Willem II. Jordens Peters blasts it at the goal from a free-kick from Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye, however, the ball disappears in the goal.Willem II-Sparta-four-hour geleden46 The second half on the road in Tilburg, the netherlands. It extends Willem II the lead after a rest, continue, or does the Motor have and what for?Heracles Almelo-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geledenBij the ADO of The city to Discover the Deep of his basisdebuut. Also, Dion Malone and Erik Falkenburg from the first whistle with the visitors.

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AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen19:29 – 30 november 2019Heracles Almelo-ADO Den Haag · a one-hour geledenOm 20: 45 appears to Heracles, with the following eleven to kick-off against ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. Mo Osman, making his return to the Almeloërs.

Mo Osman is back in the XI! 📋


AuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen19:27 – 30 november, 2019Willem II of Sparta, one from a hour ago

Visit the Koning Willem II Stadion.Fortuna Sittard and FC Groningen is one hour geledenEen jubileumwedstrijd for Samir Memisevic, tonight at FC Groningen in the netherlands. More than twenty minutes to kick-off at the restaurant and bar.

🇧🇦 Samir Memišević to play tonight one game for FC Groningen in the netherlands.
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AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen19:13 – november 30, 2019Willem II of Sparta, one from a hour ago

Peace of mind! Willem II is in roses and are looking for the changing rooms with a comfortable 3-0 lead eventually. The people of tilburg overklassen of the Race in the first half, only to score a goal by Ché Nunnely Mike, Association Ndayishimiye, and Cleaning the scope of our projects.Willem II-Sparta-four hours ago,36′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 3-0

There is a thing for people from the netherlands. With a chopped off corner is up and the feet: Freek Heerkens. The defender can consider himself a moment, pulls away from the edge of the penalty area and blast the ball beautifully into the top right corner.Willem II-Sparta · a 2-hour geleden28′ the Race to dive for the first time in the race for the top goal for Willem II. Bart and friend’s will get the chance in the aansluitingstreffer after a header that is addressed by Timon Wellenreuther, however for the defender to shoot over.Willem II-Sparta · 2 hours ago –24′ GOAL for Willem II!!! 2-0

On the other hand, tap for Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye. The midfielder, more great play by going through the defences of Sparta to play for Jurgen Mattheij, and passes through the goalkeeper, Ariel Harush, through the legs. It’s looking good for the people of tilburg.Willem II-Sparta · 2 hours ago

Willem II is a celebration of the early opening goal of the Che Nunnely. The attacker makes his third goal in three matches played. At PSV he had two or three weeks ago twice the impact.Willem II-Sparta · a 2-hour geleden18′ Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye, it is once again close to 2-0. Time to shoot down the Belgians have a free-kick from about 20 metres away and just next to it.Fortuna Sittard, FC Groningen and · a 2-hour geledenCoach Danny Buijs does not perform any changes to his line-up for the away game at Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands.

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We will start with an unchanged against Fortuna Sittard, the netherlands. Come on, boys!💚


AuteurFC GroningenMoment of plaatsen18:38 am – november 30, 2019Willem II of Sparta, · a 2-hour geleden8′ Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye is very close to 2-0 to Willem II, but this time brings Ariel Harush the rescue effort for the Belgian midfielder.Willem II-Sparta · 2 hours ago there are5 of’ a GOAL for Willem II!!! 1-0

It’s early strike for the home side. The race to tackle for the ball, and then Che Nunnely will be served by Mike’s Association Ndayishimiye and hit the ball past the goalkeeper, Ariel Harush, in the far corner on the left.Willem II-Sparta · a 2-hour geleden1, ” The ball is in Tilburg, the netherlands. May, William II, to become the fourth place or come up again in the game.Willem II-Sparta · a 2-hour geledenSparta attacker, Mohamed Rayhi, the picture in the warm-up on Thursday.

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AuteurSparta RotterdamMoment of plaatsen18:17 – november 30, 2019Willem II Motor · 2 hours ago

Not a very promising statistic, for the People: Sparta, was the winner of this Premier league season is just one of seven away games, in the 1-2 victory against ADO Den Haag on August 17. Mohamed Rayhi had two goals in The Hague, the netherlands.Fortuna Sittard, FC Groningen and · a 2-hour geledenOm 19: 45 takes over Fortuna Sittard in the front of your home crowd and with this eleven against FC Groningen in the netherlands. Àlex Carbonell, and Vitalie Damashkan, appear once again at the kick-off to the People.

The team for today is:
🔙 , Alex Carbonell, and Vitalie Damashkan will return to the base.
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AuteurFortuna SittardMoment of plaatsen18:15 – 30 november 2019Willem II of Sparta, · a 3-hour geledenNog about half an hour until kick off in Tilburg, the netherlands.



AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen18 on:01 – november 30, 2019Willem II of Sparta · 3 hours ago

Adil Auassar back to the basics for the Race, which continues with the same eleven start like last week against Vitesse (2-0 win). The kick-off at the Koning Willem II Stadium is at 18: 30.

Race: Harush; Karami, friend’s, Mattheij, Faye; Harroui, Auassar, Smith, Rayhi; Veldwijk, and Ache.Willem II-Sparta · 3 hours geledenUiteraard will be there tonight also, we play football in the Premier league. At 18: 30, takes William II to the Motor. The people of tilburg to start with the next eleven on the match:


AuteurWillem IIMoment of plaatsen17:04 pm – november 30, 2019Eredivisie · 9 hours ago

Heerenveen, the netherlands emotional after the win for ailing coach, The Wagt
The players and coaches of sc Heerenveen, wanted to be yesterday’s win for the seriously ill and disabled youth coach, Chris de Wagt. After a 0-2 deficit stronger team out and win the Marbles by 3 to 2 on Sprint. “We had one major goal in common: it was a win. A colleague of mine is seriously ill. Why do you want to roll up your sleeves, and fight with each other,” said an emotional coach Johnny Jones against FOX Sports. “How do we get the tactics have been done, it will be me and my shit to rust. We would have won it for Chris.”Premier league · 12 hours ago

This is the program for the day in the Premier league:

18: 30:
Willem II-Sparta Rotterdam

19: 45:
Fortuna Sittard and FC Groningen

20: 45:
Heracles Almelo-ADO Den HaagEredivisie · 12 hours ago

We started the day with a look back at last night. Leonid Slutsky decided to quit as coach of Vitesse. This guy was known after a fifth League defeat in a row, the people from arnhem. In the province of Friesland came up Short in 0-2 against sc Heerenveen, but lost it with 3-2.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots