The pregnant Guy is well-liked in the MIA’s

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Speaking of music, and the urban is definitely on the rise, that is, if we look at the nominees for this year’s Music Industry Awards. The Flemish music professionals from radio, television and the written press, by category, the four nominees will be selected. It is now up to the public and the music industry to get their favorites to choose from. For this, the thirteenth edition of the “GENIUS”, there are no less than 39 of the groups or artists to be nominated in eighteen categories. That is one category more than in the previous year. The new category of “Producer” enters in as a “GENIUS”.

Brussels hiphopfenomeen Pregnant, Guy has scored a whopping seven nominations: “Album”, “Author/songwriter’, ‘Folk’, ‘Live-act’, ‘First Man’, ‘Video’ and ‘Urban’. Are in the city, and genregenoot Brihang has six nominations in the bag, just like the indie rock band Balthazar. The group has, to date, for each of the album’s GENIUS won the. This time, they are to be nominated in that category. In addition, an “Album” is Balthazar, also nominated in the categories of ‘Alternative’, ‘Artwork’, ‘Category’, ‘Live-act’ and ‘Author/composer’, in which leading figures of Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez has been nominated.

Angèle, who is currently working in France, followed with five nominations. John Destadsbader, shortly after his and a newcomer to the Charlotte Adigéry each have three nominations in the bag. Worse, the steepest increase face each other in the categories of ‘Pop’ and ‘Folk’. More than one-third of the awards going to artists with Folk music. Not only did the Dutch-language hip-hop scene, from, Pregnant, Guy, Brihang and Tourist LeMC does it very well. Also in the evening only, the Player Destadsbader, Bart Kaëll, Dana Winner, Willy Sommers, Ertebrekers, and The Sixth Metal, and He Developed in to one of the age categories will be nominated.

In the category ” Hit of the year and take Angèle feat. Roméo Elvis, with “Tout Oublier’, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike with ‘Instagram’, Regional & Milo Meskens, with “”Ordinary,” and ” Tourist LeMC feat. Raymond van het Groenewoud with a “Mirror” in.