Praga Khan Khantasia Tour, is well on his way

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Praga Khan needs little introduction. For more than 10 years, and following the successful theatre shows in The Next Dimension and Code Red, as well as Frame-By-Frame, it returns Praga Khan will return to the theatre with a new series of shows. With Khantasia, set for the fall of 2019 at the latest, will Maurice, the Angels once again to the limits of his artistic ability, to shift. Khantasia will take you on a journey of 30 years, Praga Khan hits which is specially created for this show is in a semi-acoustic look of.

Maurice Engelen said : “Khantasia is a new artistic challenge, which I would like to take, but I have to admit that I was pretty nervous myself. In contrast to the previous theatertours, where the focus is mainly on the appearance of lag, it will be this time with the acoustic live performance of the songs shall take precedence. I can’t wait to get started.”