Dennis Black Magic, is launching the Black Zaturday

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Dennis Black Magic and launch it on Black Friday with a new concept: the ” Black Zaturday! In the past, the Antwerp-based megadiscotheek Zillions still existed, it was often the Zundays place, and why, Dennis, Black Magic really is when the Black, Zaturday, and with the famous Zundays?
Chelle Michel Bogaerts, the owner of the Nightclub ZUCO), ” As a new concept, a new day. But it is also because of the Black Zaturday is an enhanced version of the legendary Zundays, which were staged in the legendary Zillion, where there was even a movie made out of the word, where Matteo Simoni, the Flemish, pornokoning, Dennis Black Magic is in the performance.’

Why, Dennis, the ZUCO chosen?
Dennis Black Magic (force concept owner ‘Zuco is entertainment in the year 2020, and as of today is the adult industry’s more popular than, say, the fashion industry in the world. Now, Evelyn Dellai, a porn star who has more than 30 million views, has a PornHub account. That advertise, even on times Square in New York city, in addition to brands such as Diesel and Calvin Klein.’

So what can people expect from the future? Who will be on the floor?
Michel : “people are allowed to the glamour and glitz expected, well-known adult stars, that they would never do in real life to meet. All of this style, because it is from Zuco for the well-known. What exactly is going to look like? Come and look for yourself, I’d say. And who is to come? Let’s just say that there are plenty of well-known people have gone to Zuco and Black, Zaturday, it will find it.”