Here are the winners of The Loftrompetten 2019

37f2cb49691ece84f54f41f13739075d - Here are the winners of The Loftrompetten 2019

On Wednesday, it was at Vayamundo Oostende, the traditional eindejaarsshow of the Management Screen is included. A pack of performers gathered for the annual take-up, in which there are also prizes to be presented by, and the Arts, and Vlapo.

The best song put out by a group or duo for ” the party of Bart Kaëll Luc Appermont. In the same category, but the singing men and singing women were, respectively, David Vandyck, and Eveline Cannoot-the prijsbeesten. And the award for surprise of the year goes to #LikeMe Nina Butera was awarded as best debut album at the house.
Also, Sabien Tiels in the awards, and they made the best of the original track. Dana Winner according to viewers of the Document with “Wherever you are” is the best clip of the year. Finally, there will also be a career price, and it was a overgelukkige Liliane Saint-Pierre.