Fatima Taspinar warns of a fake profile

255a009e341dd72e7d8408cf936a3268 - Fatima Taspinar warns of a fake profile

VRT in the face of Fatma Taspinar warns her followers on social media is that it is a fake profile of her is circulating on the datingapp Once. “I’m NOT looking for a date,” says Taspinar, on its own, and social media. “I am Fatima, I am 36, live in Mechelen (malines), and I don’T have a profile on the “once” application,” warns the journalist and her followers. “No offense, I know that the app is not available any more. I think you can in the bag ” is placed. Take care and kisses. “Oh, no, no, no kissing,” says Fatma Taspinar, the humor in it to keep it.