Colors of Flanders all the way to red?

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Colors of Flanders all the way to red? Now that we know, at the end of the live broadcast on Red Nose Day on Friday at 20.40 on the VTM.

“We want to be in Flanders on the 29th of november was indeed quite red in color. Literally! ” to cross a Red Nose Day ambassador, Jens Dendoncker from the shore. “We are calling on the whole of Flanders on that day, something to do with the color red. So be the red dress on, paint your nails in red or put a red nose on!!!”

VTM, Qmusic, APPROVE, and Work, the partners of Red Nose Day and hope to have that in Flanders, virtually, in red color. Red Nose Day ambassador, Birgit Van Mol: “the People will still be able to action to register or make a donation through What is more, actions, and initiatives, we are on a map of Flanders, it can be an indication of the course of our live show will be broadcast on TV, the redder the card is going to be and how more and more children and young people, we will be able to help out in the schools.”

The schools are in the picture
As usual, the Red Neuze Day will focus on schools and colleges. “Schools are the place where young people spend most of their time, and it was the need to have for them psychologically, physically and socially, to make it stronger. How many projects in schools and be able to set up, and how many young people we can help, we know that at the end of the show on Friday. Hopefully we can get together with Flanders, have enough funds for all the projects that Red Nose Day by 2019 in schools are effective to achieve,” concludes Young.

Live show will be broadcast on VTM, with the Player Destadsbader, An Lemmens
Red Nose Day: The live show will start at 20.40 on the VTM. An Lemmens and John Destadsbader to present a show full of humour, with a lot of well-known guests, some of which have a role in crawling, we don’t like them to just be. Did you know that Jens Dendoncker, can rap, and that Ruth Beeckmans, you can sing?” There are also pictures of What If?, The Luizenmoeder, and the intervention of Nathalie Meskens as a… at the beginning of Lefebure.

Furthermore, Willy Sommers, who sent kinderquotes music and cheerleadende Olga Leyers, who live in her finaleduel contract for a Beat, and the VTM. Of course, to pass even the most Red-Nosed action we can review and add to An and for a Minute all of the chosen amount of all of the crazy, doodserieuze, but it is especially heart-warming actions.