A-Z is at the same height at Will, we’re going to be playing right

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A-Z is at the same height at Will, we’re going to be playing right

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The Europa League is Thursday night in the fifth round of the programme. We’re going to receive, Rangers FC and AZ is playing against FK Partizan (both at 18.55 hours started). PSV will play at 21: 00 hours, a visit to Sporting CP. Follow our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League. We are one of Anne van Eijk and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the performance of Dutch clubs in Europe.

  • The Europa League
  • 21: 00:
  • The Sporting RANGE
  • Results:
  • AZ Will be 2-2
  • Team-Rangers 2-2

A-Z-FK Partizan · * * * a couple of seconds, geledenFerdy Druijf is the popular guy in AZ tonight. He comes in as a substitute player in the field, and make two all-important goals for the Alkmaarders. Druijf is the first AZ player in a European first, as a two-time know the score.

2 – Ferdy Druijf is the first @AZAlkmaar player, with two goals coming on as a substitute in the European main stage in the game. Impact on their work.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:52 – november 28, 2019AZ-FK Partizan · * * * a few hours ago

After this exciting and memorable day of E-FP Will be, we will focus our attention now on the Sporting RANGE. The Locals are allowed to actually do not lose in Lisbon to keep an eye on next year in the Europa League.A-Z-FK Partizan · 4 hours ago

A festival-cum-Den Haag, after the vital 2-2 against FK Partizan.A-Z-FK Partizan · 5 hours ago

AZ triumphs in the Europa League, after a farcical day
AZ have reached the knock-out stages of the Europa League. The Alkmaarders to play with ten men, with a 2-2 right at FK Partizan after a farcical day. The team trainer, He Finally seemed to be dead and buried when the striker Myron still doing it, seven minutes prior to the time of his second yellow card, but there are two hits of the Druijf on the day that AZ is definitely a place in the last 32.A-Z-FK Partizan · 11 minutes ago inthe 90+2′ GOAL in AZ! 2-2

In the Hague, and explode! Ferdy Druijf to do it!!! The rush hour blast in a cross from the Midtsjö kiezelhard in. At this stage, it is AZ in the Europa League.The team-the Rangers · 12 hours ago

We’re going to on the edge of the box and EL after the draw
There is a big chance that we’re going to not be winter in Europe. A 2-2-tie against Rangers FC, the city’s inhabitants, as well as turned off out of the Europa League. The team is still in the lead, and the rest with 1-0, but only after a rest did the Rangers get the better of the game. Two to rake the headers of Alfredo Morelos has the advantage of the Team gone. Luis Sinisterra does, however, give something back, but more than the 2-2 the home team any more.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 13-minute geleden90′ with The minimum of added time in the second half and seven minutes.A-Z-FK Partizan · up to 14 minutes geleden89′ Post! It is a-Z not. Oussama Idrissi is going to finally get past his man and shoots from the edge of the penalty area to the goal. The outer surface of the pole is 2-2, and so the next year in the Europa League, get in the way.The team-the Rangers · up to 14 minutes geleden89′ Great chance for Everton! Narsingh comes up to neil McGregor, but the ball could not be verified.A-Z-FK Partizan · 16 minutes ago87′ GOAL in AZ! 1-2

We’re going to be a hectic day to meet, because the Z scores in three minutes for a period of time, the aansluitingstreffer. And how to do it. How Koopmeiners pates of the ball to the front, and it was Ferdy Druijf the ball with the back of his head to grow. Goalkeeper Stojkovic is on the wrong foot.The team-the Rangers · 18 minutes geleden85 Second change at the Club. Yassin Ayoub replaces the scorer Toornstra.The team-the Rangers · a 20-minute geleden84′ Fer hammer is among a number of Rangers players and forcing a corner off it.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 21-minute drive geleden83′ Red card! Myron still doing it, can inrukken. The head of the AZ will already have a yellow card in his pocket with a theatrical fall in the penalty area of the FK Partizan and of the Polish referee, Stefanski will see there is a schwalbe in. Z with ten men on the hunt for a goal against FK Partizan.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 21-minute drive geleden82′ faith, more than by the minute, the road in AZ, and that is the purpose of the ” FP ” Will be only a few come under fire immediately. The Alkmaarders is dominated mainly to the downside, the data mediation.The team-the Rangers · the 21-minute geleden82′ Rangers throws in it! We’re going to have no opening to be found in the defence of the Scots.The team-the Rangers · 26 minutes ago

Luis Sinisterra will give the Team some hope in the 1-2 in the second half to shoot.The team-the Rangers · the 28-minute geleden76′ Wow! As Narsingh, the 3 to 2 to be over, but his feet just can’t be at the ball in turn.A-Z-FK Partizan · 28 minutes ago

Still, a quarter of an hour to play, in The Hague, the netherlands. We will see later, a jubilant Myron still doing it, or it can be a-Z, nothing more to do with the 0 to 2-gap? In a tie, the Alkmaarders be sure the knock-out stages of the Europa League.The team-the Rangers · 29 minutes ago

Alfredo Morelos is today a teaser for the Season. The Colombian is the headline twice to hit the mark and bring this to the People in trouble. At this stage (2-2), it is the Team is off to Europe. The team has yet to have a quarter of an hour of time to score a goal.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 30-minute geleden73′ Bar! What a great opportunity for Oussama Idrissi. The Moroccan attacker dribbles are pretty free, and offers himself as a free-schietkans, but the bar is in the aansluitingstreffer get in the way. Is this a sign of life from a-Z?A-Z-FK Partizan · 33 minutes and geleden71′ Third and final change from a-Z: Rajiv van la parra enters the inside of the lines And the White.A-Z-FK Partizan · 33 minutes and geleden70, ” The tandem-Sadiq-Soumah needs to be in a children’s playground directly, as they are playing AZ together, all the way to a lot of. It is the one that Jonas Svensson here, in the course of the division of Soumah, state, otherwise, the state is now 0-3.The team-the Rangers · the 34-minute geleden69, ” Dick’s Lawyer takes action and makes its first transition area. Sam Larsson moves to the side. He will be replaced by Luciano Narsingh.The team-the Rangers · 36 minutes ago –68′ GOAL in the Club! 2-2

Sinisterra, gives the Team a glimmer of hope. The attacker is going to have two Rangers defenders, pass and shoot the ball smoothly in.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 36-minute geleden67′ a-Z will not be able to Sadiq, who is to speak on his hip does. Now it passes to the striker from FK Partizan and the ball flies past the post by Marco Bizot. A-Z escape again.The team-the Rangers · 39 minutes ago –65′ GOAL, the Rangers! 1-2

Alfredo Morelos seconds after the equalizer to be scored by Rangers FC in. The winter in Europe was very far away and the team of Dick Advocaat.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 40-minute geleden62′ Losing the ball from a-Z, leads to a tremendous counter FF Will be in it. Just take the continuing Sadiq to be a long time to get to the ploeterende Alkmaarders-to-play. Bizot may be a shot from Tosic then it is also easy to grip.The team-the Rangers · 41 minutes and geleden63 After the end of creeps, Rangers and more out of his shell. The Scots have forced the Feyenoord more and more in their own half.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 43-minute geleden60′ Second bill in AZ: Stijn Wuytens gives the reins over to Yukinari Sugawara. How Koopmeiners decreases after the switch back to defense.The team-the Rangers · 44 minutes ago

Nick Marsman for his official debut with the Team until the 53rd minute, don’t have much to do until he and the Rangers attacker, Alfredo Morelos in front of him shows up. The Everton goalkeeper was without a chance on the effort of the Colombian and in the end will not occur.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden58 ” Because it is the first real opportunity for a-Z and in the second half. Oussama Idrissi switch from the left clearly at the Myron still doing it, but it is the leading edge, the ball just doesn’t touch.A-Z-FK Partizan · one hour ago

Calvin Stengs, one feels misunderstood by his team-mate. He is not the only a-Z’, in such a dramatic gradients match against FK Partizan.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden54′ Change in Z: Ferdy Druijf will replace the injured seemed to Pantelis Hatzidiakos. A-Z is obviously a aanvallender to play with.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden52 ” When it is in contact with Sadiq seems to be Hatzidiakos from a severe injury being hit in his legs. The defender is a high-strength, of the field act.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden51 And come back AZ a good. Hatzidiakos, which is staggering, weak feeling, in The Hague, will be back again as a pupil to play it by Sadiq, and that is Bizot is on its way.Team-Rangers-four hours ago,53′ GOAL, the Rangers! 1-to-1

Out of nothing, which is the end of Rangers football club. Ryan Kent gives you the ball, and Alfredo Morelos, may, in spite of the presence of the Senesi, binnenkoppen.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden50′ Post! Here it escapes from a-Z on a 0 to 3-season. Soumah, who turned out to handenbinder in this game, let the defenders of the AZ back to his heels, and see, and rely on the outside of the post.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden49′ a Sign of the action of the right. Calvin Stengs, warm dribbelaar the kid left, a high ball to right to extend it to a team mate, but the ball rolls over the touchline. It’s not much of that in AZ.Team-Rangers-four-hour geleden48′ we’re going to start attacking in the second half. Sinisterra, take the purpose of the Activities, but take a look at the fire, but his shot is touched by a Rangers defender. In the corner, then delivers nothing.A-Z-FK Partizan-four hours ago, toKick-off! The ball will roll in The Hague during the second half of the Z-FK Partizan. The Alkmaarders a catching up round against FK Partizan? The score to 0-2.Team-Rangers-four-hour geleden46′ Club and Rangers FC are back on the field in the second half to start. If we’re going to have to score a goal and so, by a margin of two wins, it should get rid of Divisions as the number two person in the group.The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geledenDe of the players of the PSV arrived at Estadio Jose Alvalade stadium to the away game against Sporting in the group stage of the Europa League. At 21: 00 pm will roll to the ball door.

In the 🏟.


AuteurPSVMoment of plaatsen19:48 am – november 28, 2019Feyenoord-Rangers-four-hours-ago

The point is that Toornstra take aim for a shot on goal. The ball shoots over a defender from Rangers FC that the purpose of The Activities.Europa League · one hour ago

Also, Weghorst spot in the Europa League
Also, Wout Weghorst is a spot in the Europa League. The head of Germany used at the start of the peace to a penalty against the Ukraine, Oleksandriya: from 0 to 1.Europa League · one hour ago

Here are the performances from the rest of the early avondwedstrijden in the Europa League:

  • AS Saint-Etienne-KAA Gent 0-0
  • The Istanbul Basaksehir-AS Roma 0-3
  • Liverpool-Slavan Bratislava, And From 0 To 1
  • SC Braga-Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-3
  • CSKA Moscow-Ludogorets 0-0
  • Ferencvaros-Espanyol 1-1
  • Oleksandriya-VfL Wolfsburg 0-1
  • Wolfsberger AC-Borussia Monchengladbach 0-0
  • Young Boys-FC Porto 1-0

Medipol Basaksehir-AS Roma is one from an hour ago

Kluivert is accurate for AS Roma
Justin Kluivert has to play a major role in the lead by AS Roma at Medipol Basaksehir. The Italian team is after a period of 45 minutes at 0 to 3, with a goal scored by the Dutch forward.A-Z-FK Partizan · one hour ago

Peace of mind! What is wrong with AZ? The team trainer, He Finally looks unrecognizable in the first half, and let the back of significant drop the ball, that FF Will be taking full advantage. The Alkmaarders this 0 to 2-gap is still changing, and a ticket to the knock-out stages of the vanities? It is enough of a draw.Team-Rangers-four-hours-ago

Peace. The rest of the Team at Rangers football club. The team plays a strong first half that’s a lot of opportunities. Finally, it is Jens Toornstra, who is the sought-after first goal on the scoreboard will receive. The midfield player shoots the 1-0 keys inside, and to keep the hope of a European winter, alive and well.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geleden41, ” What a pleasure it is to go to Seydouba Soumah to look at them. The point of FF Will be more great play as a great dribbelaar by the Dutch ministry of defence and falls to the defenders to pieces. AZ will not have a grip on the elegant Guinea.Back to top

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