A PSV player in the second half with a 4-0 lead behind against Sporting at EL

22566b1e01272278cd9c51391f5abef7 - A PSV player in the second half with a 4-0 lead behind against Sporting at EL

A PSV player in the second half with a 4-0 lead behind against Sporting at EL

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In the Europa League’s PSV eindhoven is at 21: 00, started at the away game against Sporting CP. The previously posted a-Z thanks to a 2-2-draw with Partizan for the knock-out stages, while Everton after a 2-2 against Rangers FC next year, not in their own hands. Follow our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League. We are one of Anne van Eijk and Jeroen van Barneveld to keep you up to date on the performance of Dutch clubs in Europe.

  • The Europa League
  • LIVE:
  • Sporting-PSV 3-0
  • Results:
  • AZ Will be 2-2
  • Team-Rangers 2-2

The Sporting RANGE · 2 minutes ago –64′ GOAL at Sporting! 4-0

What is in a lucky kick by Bruno Fernandes. The captain seems to have the ball and want it posts, it does appear to be wrong, but it sends out Lars Unnerstall the wrong angle. PSV eindhoven to a 4-0 gap in the city of Lisbon.The Sporting-MANU · a 3-minute geleden63′ Penalty for Sporting! PSV seems to have more damage in Lisbon, as Baumgartl cites Marcos Acuña down and caused a penalty kick. A decision of the referee, Grinfeld.The Sporting-MANU · a 3-minute geleden62′ in The absence of PSV also have the famous eindpass. Steven Bergwijn, makes for a great loopactie in the direction of the goal from Sporting, but the pass Ihattaren, it is not a good one.The Sporting RANGE · 9 minutes to geleden57′ Vietto will get a bit of space to the defense of the pitch and tried his luck from distance. The ball goes just over the goal from Lars Unnerstall.The Sporting RANGE · 9 minutes to geleden55′ BACKLINE looked like a storm to fight in the first minute of the second half, but the Truth is a tornado is going to die out. The Sporting aims of the competition to the professional game.A-Z-FK Partizan · 12 hours ago

🙌 , What a team!!
#AZ #azpar #UEL


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen22:13 – november 28, 2019Sporting RANGE · 15-minute geledenVan excess of the up ramp is LASK Linz are on a 1-2 ahead of a visit to Rosenborg. In this mode, the PSV is switched off in the champions League.The Sporting-MANU · a 19-minute geleden46′ Right to a chance for PSV! Mohammed Ihattaren is close to 3-1, but his shot is turned round by the keeper Maximiano. In a sign of the life of the pitch.The Sporting RANGE · 20 minutes agoto Kick off! Get the ball rolling in Lisbon, portugal. The beaten-looking, PSV have something to do with the 3-0 gap?The Sporting-MANU · a 21-minute drive geledenTrainer Mark van Bommel intervenes brutally in the player. Gastón Pereiro, and Learn Gakpo out on the field. This means that JPablo of the Rosary, and Bruma.The Sporting RANGE · 22 hours ago

How disappointing it is when a new leader want to know Dumfries is clearly visible. Also, the play does not seem to have faith in a turnaround.The Sporting RANGE · 25 minutes ago

The stress is on the face of Mark van Bommel to the job after the 3-0 Sporting. A failure to draw for PSV in Lisbon, portugal. The trainer should be hands and squint like he was tonight, not to be turned off in the champions League.Champions League · 30 minutes ago

These are the performances of the late avondwedstrijden in the Europa League:

  • The Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0
  • Celtic-Stade Rennais 2-0
  • Dudelange-FIRST 0 to 2
  • There Are Many Standard Liege 1-To-1
  • Lazio Roma-CFR Cluj 1-0
  • Lugano-FC Copenhagen 0-1
  • Malmö FF-Dynamo Kiev 1-2
  • Rosenborg-LASK Linz 1-to-1
  • History Qarabag 0-0

A-Z-FK Partizan · 37 minutes ago

Druijf means ‘good feeling’ about the subbing
“It feels good, looks Ferdy Druijf sober and back on his heldenrol for AZ in the Europa League match against FK Partizan tonight. The substitute scored twice, giving the Alkmaarders to be sure of getting them through the winter in Europe. “It’s always nice to score a goal, and that gives you a good feeling. I’m glad I got two goals I was able to make it, and that we are his.”The Sporting RANGE · 37 minutes ago

Peace of mind! For a really dramatic start for PSV in Lisbon, portugal. The team’s coach, Mark van Bommel looks on against Sporting in the rest for a 3-0 gap in. The Locals are almost forced to be in the second-half of the damages shall be limited in time.The Sporting-MANU · a 39-minute geledenEen glimmer of hope for the ADVANTAGE. Rosenborg is by Björn Johnson (ex-AZ), in line with LASK. In this mode, the PSV has not yet turned off in the champions League.Sporting-PSV · 42 minutes ago –42′, GOAL Sporting! 3-0

After a real kansenregen it is now, again, for the Sporting. The came up to a defender, Jeremy Mathieu, shoot the half coming from a corner kick. A miserable first half for PSV eindhoven in Lisbon, portugal.The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geleden38′ Sporting, it seems to be fine with the 2-0-lead in my pocket and give MANU the ball. In the Locals eyes are restless, and come to hand up to smooth the combinations of the knives & blades in Lisbon, portugal.A-Z-FK Partizan · one hour ago

Koopmeiners, speechless, after a bizarre tie
“It was probably one of our worst games of the season, it is E-leader, just joe Koopmeiners’s realistic compared to a FOX Sports straight after the 2-2 against FK Partizan. “Especially in the first half, it didn’t, and then it goes to Myron (still doing it, ed.). it also had a red card in the 83rd minute. And what’s going to happen next… and I’m a little bit speechless, to be honest”, referring to the defender in the 88th minute. “It’s an incredible feeling. I don’t know how to Ferdy him, to know head. I just have to let it sink in.”The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geleden29 Again, is an imposed opportunity to ADVANTAGE. Bruma is free, and it pulls right out of it: a meter next to it. PSV bite slowly away from him, after an apathetic start to the game.Sporting the RANGE one day ago

The main character in the first half in Lisbon, Bruno Fernandes. The captain of the Portuguese people, with one goal and one assist to be involved in all of the goals for Sporting against PSV eindhoven.The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geleden25 ” Sporting escapes, here’s a red card. Bruno Fernandes picks up sharply, but does not receive his second yellow card. The referee Grinfeld you do not need to be the captain of Sporting.Team-Rangers-four-hours-ago

Fer: We give easy goals away’
“You have to put yourself in the first half of the reward for the second goal,” and is looking for Leroy Fer is back on the 2-2-draw against Rangers FC. “As a result we are going to play differently in the second half, and we give easy goals away. We need to do better at those goals, but they are, of course, also qualities”, referring to the Season-but admits he is on the Rangers-shortstop Alfredo Morelos. Fer feels a little disappointment at Feyenoord, but also opportunities. “We have had a little luck thanks to the victory of FC Porto. We just have to deal with it.”The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geleden24′ Muhammad Ihattaren will be for a free-kick in a good spot, but the midfielder shoots the ball into the wall. Typical of the bad start of the pitch, in Lisbon, portugal.The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geledenSlecht the news came on the ADVANTAGE. LAX city tour, comes ahead of a visit to Rosenborg. The Locals are in this position, it is switched off in the champions League.Sporting-PSV-four hours ago,16′, GOAL Sporting! 2-0

What a dramatic start to the match from the BACKLINE. The Locals are not afraid to obtain, after the 1-0 of the At Phellype, or Bruno Fernandes doubled the score. The midfield player shoots from about 25 yards hit the ball using the inside of the post and behind the goalkeeper Unnerstall.A-Z-FK Partizan · a one-hour geledenAZ leader How Koopmeiners was moved to tears after the draw with FK Partizan (2-2), which is the Alkmaarders to spend the winter in the champions League.

🎉 | A-Z winter in Europe, and touches on How Koopmeiners, to a flood of tears.
“You work so hard and so much work that creates emotions.”


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen21:06 am – november 28, 2019Sporting RANGE one hour ago,a 9′ GOAL at Sporting! 1-0

At the Phellype push the PSV is already in deep trouble. The cutting edge of the Sporting trumps Nick Viergever is simple and reads a header from the right side of the pitch hard and inside, out of the reach of goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall.The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geleden7 ” Because it is the first real test for the PSV’s goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall. The German saves the day gracefully on the afstandspegel of Bruno Fernandes, the champions of the Sporting.Team-Rangers-four-hours-ago

Lawyer: ‘We must win’
“I think we performed well but we have not been rewarded,” says the Team coach, Dick Advocaat, immediately after the champions League match against Rangers FC (2-2). “In the first half, it took a lot of strength. There was more in it, and we were supposed to win, but it’s still possible to be in this group. It is interesting to note in the square.”Europa League · one hour ago

This will be the end for the rest of the early avondwedstrijden in the Europa League:

  • AS Saint-Etienne-KAA Gent 0-0
  • Istanbul Basaksehir-AS Roma 0-3
  • Liverpool-Slavan Bratislava 2-1
  • SC Braga-Wolverhampton Wanderers 3-3
  • CSKA Moscow-Ludogorets 1-to-1
  • Ferencvaros-Rcd Espanyol 2-2
  • Oleksandriya-VfL Wolfsburg 0-1
  • Wolfsberger AC-Borussia Mönchengladbach 0-1
  • Young Boys-FC Porto 1-2

The Sporting-MANU · a one-hour geleden3′, Steven Bergwijn, cries out in pain after a painful collision with a player from Sporting CP. As the attacker pulls a face, and the feel of his thigh.Sporting-PSV-four hours ago, toKick-off! Get the ball rolling in Lisbon, portugal. The Sporting RANGE, which is a crucial event for the Locals to stay in the League, and is on the way.Sporting the RANGE one day ago

This is the backdrop to the Sporting RANGE: the Estádio José Alvalade.Team-Rangers-four-hour geledenDe state of affairs of the group and of the Team / group (G) in the past. The team is last, but it still has a slight chance to have to spend the winter in Europe. The End of the last game of the group and a win in Portugal, FC Porto, and, in addition, should the Rangers FC win of the Young Boys.

  1. Rangers FC 5-8 (7-5)
  2. FC Porto’s 5 to 7 (5 to 7)
  3. BSC Young Boys-5 to 7 (7-6)
  4. We’re going to 5-5 (to 5-6)

A-Z-FK Partizan · one hour ago

This is the position in the rankings, from a-Z, after the 2-2 against Partizan:

FC Astana-Manchester United 2-1
A-Z-FK Partizan 2-2


  1. Manchester United Are About 5-10 * (6-2)
  2. A-Z 5-9 * (15-4)
  3. REMUNERATION Will be 5-5 (6-9)
  4. FC Astana is 5 to 3 (3 to 15)

* = due to the knock-out outfaseAZ-FK Partizan · a 2-hour geledenFerdy Druijf is the popular guy in AZ tonight. He comes in as a substitute player in the field, and make two all-important goals for the Alkmaarders. Druijf is the first AZ player in a European first, as a two-time know the score.

2 – Ferdy Druijf is the first @AZAlkmaar player, with two goals coming on as a substitute in the European main stage in the game. Impact on their work.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen20:52 – november 28, 2019AZ-FK Partizan · 2 hours ago

After this exciting and memorable day of E-FP Will be, we will focus our attention now on the Sporting RANGE. The Locals are allowed to actually do not lose in Lisbon to keep an eye on next year in the Europa League.A-Z-FK Partizan · 2 hours ago

A festival-cum-Den Haag, after the vital 2-2 against FK Partizan.A-Z-FK Partizan · 2 hours ago

A-Z winter in the Europa League, after a farcical day
AZ have reached the knock-out stages of the Europa League. The Alkmaarders to play with ten men, with a 2-2 right at FK Partizan after a farcical day. The team trainer, He Finally seemed to be dead and buried when the striker Myron still doing it, seven minutes prior to the time of his second yellow card, but there are two hits of the Druijf on the day that AZ is definitely a place in the last 32.A-Z-FK Partizan · 2 hours ago90+2′ GOAL in AZ! 2-2

In the Hague, and explode! Ferdy Druijf to do it!!! The rush hour blast in a cross from the Midtsjö kiezelhard in. At this stage, it is AZ in the Europa League.The team-the Rangers · 2 hours ago

We’re going to on the edge of the box and EL after the draw
There is a big chance that we’re going to not be winter in Europe. A 2-2-tie against Rangers FC, the city’s inhabitants, as well as turned off out of the Europa League. The team is still in the lead, and the rest with 1-0, but only after a rest did the Rangers get the better of the game. Two to rake the headers of Alfredo Morelos has the advantage of the Team gone. Luis Sinisterra does, however, give something back, but more than the 2-2 the home team any more.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 2-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of added time in the second half and seven minutes.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 2-hour geleden89′ Post! It is a-Z not. Oussama Idrissi is going to finally get past his man and shoots from the edge of the penalty area to the goal. The outer surface of the pole is 2-2, and so the next year in the Europa League, get in the way.The team-the Rangers · a 2-hour geleden89′ Great chance for Everton! Narsingh comes up to neil McGregor, but the ball could not be verified.A-Z-FK Partizan · 2 hours ago –87′ GOAL in AZ! 1-2

We’re going to be a hectic day to meet, because the Z scores in three minutes for a period of time, the aansluitingstreffer. And how to do it. How Koopmeiners pates of the ball to the front, and it was Ferdy Druijf the ball with the back of his head to grow. Goalkeeper Stojkovic is on the wrong foot.The team-the Rangers · a 2-hour geleden85 Second change at the Club. Yassin Ayoub replaces the scorer Toornstra.The team-the Rangers · a 2-hour geleden84′ Fer hammer is among a number of Rangers players and forcing a corner off it.A-Z-FK Partizan · a 2-hour geleden83′ Red card! Myron still doing it, can inrukken. The head of the AZ will already have a yellow card in his pocket with a theatrical fall in the penalty area of the FK Partizan and of the Polish referee, Stefanski will see there is a schwalbe in. Z with ten men on the hunt for a goal against FK Partizan.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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