The surprise of the format, in the end the Farmer seeks a Woman of The World

c317fe029c347938a284813de16fc5a5 - The surprise of the format, in the end the Farmer seeks a Woman of The World

Seven months ago, Flanders ‘ knowledge, Marianne, Etienne, Victor, Gerard and Stephen. The search for love, it was an emotional rollercoaster, with many ups but also downs. Nearly 800,000 viewers – accounting for a 34% share of the market – supporterden for romantic trips, and on Thursday, the 28th of november, to meet An Lemmens Dina Tersago, the farmers are once again on Belgian soil, at the place where all of them are started. The viewers will get to know what is happening in their lives, yet all that has happened since the holidays, and most of all: the love this year, all of the limits, to overcome them. One thing’s for sure: the finale makes a surprise in itself.

Two options were open: it is something has become between Marianne and the Like, and the match made in heaven? He continued to be, in any case, there is a little longer in Finland…
And what’s with the horse-man, Stephen and Evelyn? For the love of horses, parts of them now, but also to interact with each other? Evelyn stuck out her feelings, to never use chairs or benches, but Stephen has remained a pretty closed book. On Thursday, the 28th of november, the viewer can see him more open than ever before.
Dina is looking for The to. They have learned, following the pictures, Etienne, during his final trip with Rebecca, and have felt for her. How have they responded? And what is in between Rani and Victor? They listened to each other, even after the Victor opbiechtte that he was no more than friendship felt like? An Lemmens is looking for Rani at.