The case of All-Day Sex-couple, Michael and Leila bust

fb16e1c501c2b264457d1d90fdb2744b - The case of All-Day Sex-couple, Michael and Leila bust

A few years ago Sammy Bergmans and his wife and many others participated in the FIVE programs, All-day sex. Last year, the couple in a swingers club, in Lichaart, on Tuesday, the case was, however, adjudged bankrupt. “After many, many sleepless nights do we have such a drastic decision should be taken with a Max of Follies. The curtain falls once and for all, Club Max Follies,” writes the couple on the web site of the business.

“A few weeks ago, we announced that there will be a future lay in front of Max’s Follies if you’re going to grow, with several new partners. After a lot of consultation, I decided to let it go on. Also, it is with sadness in our hearts, that we, after a year of intensive work on the formation of the Club, and now finally the doors should be closed. But, unfortunately, it is a lot to organise, but if the public does not want to come in and hold it at a given point in time.” The couple was also out of luck: shortly after the opening of the case has started, there are road works making the case to difficult to reach.

And as usual there all sorts of rumours about the reason for the closure. “We were well-equipped with the license for the next year,” the couple continued. “That there are a lot of stories will come out, goes without saying. Mar here, we don’t really wake up. We’d also like to if you speak for MAX’s FOLLIES was really in our hearts!”, decide to many others, and Michael.