Deborah Ostrega is the victim of psychological abuse

3c225050f42d1631f7dbcc952c49484a - Deborah Ostrega is the victim of psychological abuse

The singer and tv presenter Deborah Ostrega on Facebook with a very candid message is posted to the period in which it was due to her ex-boyfriend was being abused. Ostrega’s been a long time in the face of an advertising campaign for the victims of violence and abuse, and a testament to its about page, which for many years has had to endure.
“For many years I lived beneath a yoke of predominantly physical violence. I was being monitored, stalked, in the person of my mail, even a long time before we get a couple of had been read, were checked in, my cell phone was a regular featured. When I was in the beginning and asked, ” I do not trust and why he did it, his answer was always, “Why do you think so? You’ve got something to hide, doesn’t it?”, witness Ostrega.

The singer is hoping that one or the other, it would blow over, and for the faith to grow, but things went from bad to worse. “I didn’t get through. My bright, undiluted, friends told me there is now. That’s not normal, and that he did so. At the time, I saw my friends anymore. I talked to them anymore. He still looked in my call log that I want to call a friend, or a friend who had received it, or had called, I would have to tell us what that call was about, and why this is a call of 24 minutes.”

Ostegra erased her call log regularly, but even that led to protests and questions. Ostrega experienced one or the other for many years, we have been posting some things, awareness not to. Ostrega it was because of her ex-boyfriend has been accused of sexual relations with other men, and in the most disrespectful terms are used. “Have to admit, I fought back. Report, but that it was understood ie is not. As we were talking, apparently not at the same level. When I tried this, however, he was given to me so far that I’ll be in hysteria to explode. Dwangbuisgrepen and wurggrepen, it had to be.”

If it’s not the worse it could, and was the lead singer up to her ex-boyfriend put down. “I was a singer, nothing at all… but I can’t…. I couldn’t get a normal job again… dwangbuisgrepen, yelling and swearing… my vote for the flags as a result…. Pushing, pulling, and pinching my arms, and saw for the umpteenth time, the blue… Like a thief in the night, I left the house. It was the dead of winter. I was in bare feet, battle-weary. To some of my friends that are in the area, lived in… The next day my voice broke, my tears, and saw the blue… and the make-up and had the bruises are almost gone. The designer has now been resolved with the long sleeves. My stemprobleem, it was resolved by a cortisonenspuit. In my heart, all of it is spiritual, tereur, because of the pain. At that time, I was completely isolated from the outside world. To my extended family. One of my friends. The only shame of it… and the strength to ask for help.”