Bart Peeters and Ronny Mosuse get to the Lotto Arena, don’t make any noise

Bart Peeters and Ronny Mosuse get to the Lotto Arena, don't make any noise

Over the past couple of months, there’s a lot to do with the 500-strong choir, which john Smith 9 times, it would occur at the Lotto Arena, but the singer and presenter was on Tuesday also impressed with the tribute to Robert Mosuse.

A large choir, and one extra-special guest in ” john Smith’s Deluxe’, this is the tour that john Smith, in the coming months, as many as 9 (or more) time in the Lotto Arena. But the special guest is the one and only true Ronny Mosuse that john Smith, for years together, and played on The Radio. After the death of Robert Mosuse in the year 2000, it was decided to take The Head to a stop. The music was, the shows have disappeared. Up until Tuesday night, though, was john Smith for the entertainment, not The Radio, it was on the stage. “Ronny and I have a past that can never be at full strength to come back. Robert, in the year 2000, died of a brain tumor. He sang all of the stars in the sky, until at last he one was. A beautiful tribute to the 20 years ago, the artist was a duo not to give up. Quiet as a mouse while listening to a full of the Lotto Arena for the stories that were told of Bart, and Easy with Robert, were there. So was Robert, not the location, for example, in Berlin, on the stage, ‘Day san francisco to call it. All of them are the fault of the tumour.