Ajax defends from 0 to 1-lead against Lille in the Champions League

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Ajax defends from 0 to 1-lead against Lille in the Champions League

November 27, 2019 18:31
27-11-19 at 18:31
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Ajax’s 21: 00 in France started the match with Lille in the group stages of the Champions League. At the same time, there are still five matches. Don’t miss out in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog! We, Robert Hirschmann, and Robbert van der Linde, to keep you here, at the height of the latest developments in the Champions League, with a special focus for the Year.

  • LIVE:
  • Lille And Ajax 0-2
  • Barcelona, Spain-Dortmund 3-0
  • Liverpool-Napoli 1-1
  • Genk-RB Salzburg 0-2
  • RB Leipzig-Benfica 0-2
  • Slavia Prague, The 1-To-1

Lille and Ajax · * * * a couple of seconds, geleden69, ” The view is away from the city, but the threat is not. A shot of the Yezici is blocked by the two defenders, and that’s a good thing I did, was the attempt just crashed.Lille and Ajax · 3 hours ago

Quincy Promes have all away matches of Ajax in the group stages of the Champions League have been scored on this season. He is the first player to place all of that on behalf of the Amsterdam performance. The attacker is allowed Hakim Ziyech will be thankful for its past five matches in all competitions have all been worked out by the Moroccan playmaker.Genk-Salzburg · 3 hours agowith 69′ GOAL for Salzburg! 0 to 3

Hee-Chan Hwang throws with the game on lock.Uefa Champions League · 4 minutes ago –67′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 3-0

Lionel Messi will play Antoine Griezmann, which may be convincing, remember. This is the first CL-goal from the Frenchman, who, on behalf of FC Barcelona in the uefa Champions League.Liverpool-Napoli · 5 minutes ago –65′ GOAL to Liverpool. 1-to-1

Dejan Lovren blasts it in from a cross by James Milner! The referee is just standing there, looking as at-risk (VAR) due to the action of Virgil van Dijk on Dries Mertens, but the goal is not valid.Lille and Ajax · 6 hours ago

What is a click between the Hakim Ziyech and Quincy Promes. The two feel each other exactly, and that will pay for itself, even against Lille in a match.Lille and Ajax · is a 9-minute geleden62 This effort by Yazici is right in front of it, but it seems that Lille are beaten down. There is no longer convincing, the pressure and the sprints have their poison removed.Lille and Ajax · 12 minutes ago,59′ GOAL, and Ajax. 0 to 2

It’s the gold of a tandem for a list of who is doing it! Hakim Ziyech won’t get himself free on the right and lays the ball in for the umpteenth time, ready for cooking in the second post for Quincy Promes. Its in good shape, missing the attacker taps the ball is controlled along with the keeper. Dutch soccer is a well-known situation, and to Lille in, apparently, completely unknown to us.Lille and Ajax · is a 13-minute geleden58 ” Here it comes, Lille is once again at full speed. With the announcement of the Ikoné at the last minute is just enough and touched by Tagliafico in order to prevent the Osimhen to the ball to head it in for.Lille and Ajax · is a 13-minute geleden57 Long hits the ball, he loses, go back and find Ziyech. That is trying, in much the same way as its goal, but aiming for next. A goal is scored by Ajax, could this game finally be in the slot to throw in.RB Leipzig-away goal to take back 15 minutes ago,59′ GOAL, away goal to take back! 0 to 2

Carlos Vinicius, comes face to face with the goalie and remains cool to the touch.Lille and Ajax · 16 hours ago

The failure to Zakaria Labyad enters the field for a rest, is injured in the field. It is not easy for him, especially now that he’s got a chance as a replacement for the long-term injured David Neres.Lille and Ajax · 19 hours geleden51′ Ziyech puts the ball into the box for a while, on the basis of a Long time. Its a dare, not a full-on shooting and trying to hit the ball with his side. The consequence is that the ball is next to it.Lille and Ajax · is a 20-minute geleden50′ Is a huge opportunity for the bar. Osimhen is smarter and stronger than Schuurs and lay down on the Ikoné. Just like in the second half, however, it is also an attempt to have a low aim high. It seems likely that there will be no goals scored will be in this game, the question is what is the purpose of.Lille and Ajax · a 21-minute drive geleden49 Box encircling the French defence, but will not have the space for a shot. Ultimately, it is the Promes that out of it, but his efforts are compromised, and by the Blind themselves, over the dead ball line.Lille and Ajax · 24 minutes ago

You can Ajax in the second half with the lead, to preserve, or even expand it?Lille and Ajax · a 25-minute geleden46 The second half with Lille, But it is started. For the Locals, it is Edson Álvarez had gone for the Noussair Mazraoui. That is, the second transition, from Erik at Hag, short for rest, forced the injured Zakaria Labyad and had to be replaced by Noah a Long time.League of Champions · 38 minutes ago

The recline positions on the European fields as well:

  • In Lille, But From 0 To 1
  • FC Barcelona-Borussia Dortmund 2-0
  • Genk-Salzburg 0-2
  • Liverpool-Napoli 0-1
  • RB Leipzig-Benfica 0-1
  • Slavia Prague, The 1-To-1

Lille and Ajax · 39 minutes ago

Lille, following the early lead of the Ajax, it’s hammer time thrown in. A strong charge by Reinaldo on Ziyech, it is just one of many.Lille and Ajax · 40 minutes ago

Jonathan Bamba depends on stuff in the net after a missed chance. He would have preferred to have the ball in his own person, seen.Lille and Ajax · 42 minutes ago

Peace of mind! Referee Felix Brych to send the teams into the locker room. Ajax is fast out of the starting blocks with blazing-fast 0 to 1 by Hakim Ziyech. In the remainder of the first half of the Locals however, it is quite difficult for the the physical play of the city, and that on the right is.Lille and Ajax · a 44-minute geleden45+1′ Labyad is running now, but it’s not from the heart. At the Hag calls Noah a Long time, and who is to come.Genk-Salzburg · 44 minutes ago,45′ a GOAL for Salzburg! 0 to 2

One minute in the 0 to 1 makes Salzburg, the right to 0-2 on! Takumi Minamino’s.Genk-Salzburg-four hours ago,44′ GOAL for Salzburg! From 0 to 1

Patson Daka will shoot off the rebound.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden44′ Labyad cries out in pain after a battle. He seems to be learning how to twist, it won’t look good for the attacker, which is located at the base of Ajax to achieve this would.Lille and Ajax one from an hour ago

42′ Lille a bit, literally, teruggevochten in the game, but that’s still not a lot of panic in the Ajax to run. However, the Locals stay focused, as the French have it, this duel has not yet given up. In the lead, to take, the rest would have been substantial.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden38′ Mazraoui is playing with fire with all the yellow on the pocket and play to his opponents to go hang out. He is saved by Brych, but it is typical of the weak, half of which are the Moroccan, to play. It would be little surprise if he was in the peace is being exchanged.Slavia Prague, The club one hour ago –37′ GOAL for Slavia Prague? 1-to-1

What developments are in Prague! The 0-2 from the First, it was just rejected, as deal-Free in the penalty area of the team for a violation was made. This allows for Slavia Prague, with a penalty, that is, by Tomáš Souček, is used.Lille and Ajax one from an hour ago

The players of the city the eyes are irritated, which is understandable. The French tend to be in a meeting with the referee, Brych, but the German will for the time being don’t know.Slavia Prague, The club one hour ago –35′ GOAL in The rejected! From 0 to 1

Lukaku applauds the 2-0, but the referee disapproves of him because a minute before a violation has been made by Stefan the Free.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden33′ with A shot from Promes, is the unintended by Labyad almost to the goal for a phd. Maignan, stands rooted to the ground, but the ball is to be relief in addition to any roles.FC Barcelona-Borussia Dortmund-four hours ago –33′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 2-0

The jubilaris to do it!!! In his 700th official dual FC Barcelona scores, Real Madrid’s 2-0.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden32′ Ikoné the sprintduel to Schuurs, which is ultimately the power to win. The young defender has until now been very capable at the fast French forwards.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden30, ” A razor-sharp counter of the city to split the defense for a list of open. The great fault of the French people, however, are scoring-and that proves to Bamba but the ball is free to Onana is hopeless to shoot at it.FC Barcelona-Borussia Dortmund-four hours ago –a 29′ GOAL for FC Barcelona! 1-0

Luis Suarez gets on the ball from Both Sides and slide the ball into!Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden28′ Noteworthy day: Quincy Promes will report to the branch line of shoes to another. The vleugelspeler, it is still not too far into the game evolved, probably going to be better on the new footwear.Lille and Ajax one from an hour ago

Dusan Tadic will be a great opportunity to get the margin to two. The Serb does however manage to beat the keeper Mike Maignan has to pass through them.RB Leipzig-Benfica-four hours ago, the20 min GOAL away goal to take back! From 0 to 1
Pizzi has been a sharp rebound and puts the island ahead of them in Germany.Lille and Ajax one from an hour ago

23 ” The first half of the mid-and goes out, the game is pretty much under control. However, watch out for fast moving people in front of the bar.Liverpool-Napoli-four hours ago,21, a GOAL, Right! From 0 to 1

He Will score at Anfield! This, therefore, is on the lead against Liverpool, with whom is Georginio Wijnaldum has just been down to Fabinho.Slavia Prague, The club one hour ago,a 20′ GOAL in The club! From 0 to 1

Lautaro Martinez takes The lead! He was given the ball with Romelu Lukaku, turning away from his defender and scored.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden18′ Ziyech has a copy of the village on a visit to Valencia, in my mind. At this time, it touches and the playmaker with the ball, however, is a lot less comfortable. The games will roll safe side.Lille and Ajax one from an hour ago

The players of Ajax, with the end of course, the centerpiece of the event, to celebrate the 0-1 Hakim Ziyech.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden14′ Osimhen going to be like a dying swan to the ground in the penalty area. Referee Brych gestures to get it to be looked at, but the value conclusion is the same. There was a yellow card for a schwalbe to not look out of place.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geleden12′ Schuurs will step in and play right away at the front. Ziyech will then Tadic is deep, but the angle was too difficult for the Serb to take the ball past Maignan to the mix.Lille and Ajax one from an hour ago

On the other side of the field, is the rapid goal of Ziyech’s day. André Onana is living, as usual, is intense, and to celebrate the birthday party with the fans.Lille and Ajax · a one-hour geledenDe lightning-fast goal from Hakim Ziyech in the picture. This is the stage in which the Moroccan playmaker, it needs to be seen and for the time being, we can say that it is very successful.

One chance, one goal….
HAKIM ZIYECH!!! 🔥🔥🔥#veronicainside #UCL #lilaja


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:05 am – november 27, 2019Lille, But one hour geledenDe goal of Ziyech is the fastest uefa Champions League goal of the season so far.

1:34 – Hakim Ziyech scored the fastest goal in this uefa Champions League season; Ajax, also scored the third-fastest (1:47 v Chelsea). TRAIN.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:06 am – november 27, 2019Lille, But one hour geleden7 Lille is recovering somewhat from the shock. Yazici is attempting a distance for a quick end to try to force it, but the ball will disappear into the safe arms of Onana.Back to top

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