Waes drives up to 15 men and women to the fullest

Waes drives up to 15 men and women to the fullest

As of Sunday, the 8th of december, takes over for Tom Waes Sunday night in One of the a unique project: the Camp, the Waas. Therein he of fifteen ordinary citizens in the adventure of a lifetime. One of the selected men’s and women’s stores by the start of a week full of physical and psychological tests in the education and training of the Special Forces? One of them survived the Camp Waes?

In the Camp, the Waas transfers to the Waes for a time that is not the self, his boundaries, but he is looking to see how others do it. Fifteen of the Flemish people, when he is selected to be in a week, and will be challenged by the Special Forces, a hypergetrainde unit of the Belgian armed forces. Tom followed him throughout the entire adventure, from the top of the first row of the table.

Waes: Ch Waas) is a unique collaboration with the Belgian Special Forces, and television shows such as I have never had a problem. We have the best possible attempt at the 15 interesting candidates to be selected for Camp for the Waas. From then on, it was in the Special Forces, and if you put it on your project 24 hours a day, 24 hours, and follow with our cameras as well. It is in many ways a very special experience. Camp, the Waas is not a television play or something like that. It’s been a real test, with the Belgian Special Forces, the 15 men and women to the limits.”

In the Camp, Waes Tom, not only as a help and support for ” his ” candidate, but he will at the same time, will also have the opportunity to see the Belgian Special Forces, as well as possible for you to get to know. The Special Forces are a discrete unit that is available in all types of military operations that can be used. Their training program is recognized as one of the toughest tests in the world! Normally, only military personnel are to apply for the training to become a SF operator, is to begin with. But thanks to the Camp for the Waas to get the ordinary citizens to have the chance to get a taste of the world of the Special Forces.
Special Forces Group: “We felt that the time had come for ordinary people-and, by extension, the whole of Flanders with a view to give, in the way that we work with and select it. For us, this is a very exciting project. None of us was able to in advance estimate the amount of ordinary Flemish people, without military experience, would have to respond to a few of our tests, and procedures.”