Trisha breaks the silence

72cda4732924d7651557c69d00d73aa2 - Trisha breaks the silence

For the past two weeks, Trisha once again in a couple of posts on her social media and posted, and that was a long time ago. Two months ago, we informed you that it was not going well with Trisha. The lead singer was, for a while at home to with is a burn-out, and it seems to be now in a deep valley to the groove.

For more than a month, there was not a single post on the Facebook page of Trisha. To it on the 11th of november, with a photo of her two daughters and husband, Kurt, of posts. Huddling together in a bathtub‘, What they think this is great…All my love,” wrote Trisha on the pics. A few days later, there were pictures of a trip to Center Parcs. It was fun, it was clear that Trisha and her re-the charge was made. This past weekend was the singer and a jury member for the Mister International Belgium is the competition in which he has his eyes gave out.