This Story Award, you can’t win

This Story Award, you can't win

On the last day of the month of november, you are the Story Awards will once again be awarded. This time, it will be the galashow in Ghent, go ahead, just prior to the Festival Atmosphere. The winners have since been notified that, as a large part of it will also be available at the show.
It will look at the winners of the various awards, and one award in particular that is your favorite pair. There appears to be a curse resting on that award, several couples went to after she won the award we won from each other. There are plenty of examples: Pommeline, and Fabrizio, Marthe De Pillecyn, and Victor Verhulst.

Thankfully, there is an exception: He Will, and Kat Kerkhofs. Our hope is that the couple that wins this year’s, the tradition of a broken relationship to break…